Admiral A-Qira

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Admiral A-Qira
Admiral A-Qira in BW2
Gender: Male
Faction: Solar Empire
Relatives: None
Current status: Deceased
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Vengeance shall not wait, Empress! If I must act alone, than so be it!

— Admiral A-Qira

Admiral A-Qira was an admiral of the Solar Empire, and a protagonist of Battalion Wars 2.


Not much is known about the admiral, as he only appears in the second game. He is very impulsive and stubborn; after the Solar troops had expelled the Anglo forces from their islands, he is prepared to counterattack with or without Empress Lei-Qo's permission. He is an experienced naval officer, but is killed when Kaiser Vlad poisons his drink.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

This officer did not appear in Battalion Wars.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Admiral A-Qira first appears in Campaign 1, where he works with Solar Empress Lei-Qo to fight back against the Anglo Isles' misguided pre-emptive strike. Along with Lei-Qo, he instructs the player on the game's controls in the first few missions.

He also appears in Campaign 3, where he wages his "war of retribution" against the retreating Anglo invaders. However, the Anglo forces are able to repel the Solar counterattack, and A-Qira watches from his personal Battleship as many of his naval units go up in flames. Disgusted, he takes a drink from his canteen. Kaiser Vlad appears in the shadows behind him, and the admiral collapses to the deck of the ship, screaming "Poison... Treachery!". Vlad then radios his invasion force, which is secretly infiltrating the North Tundra wastes, to monitor progress of the search for the Staff of Qa-Len.


  • Admiral A-Qira's name is a wordplay of the Japanese cyberpunk manga Akira, a story set in post-apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo.
  • His appearance is based on that of Tetsuo Shima, a main character who started off as a friend, and later turned into an enemy.

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