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Def: Funds: 1,000
Movement cost
Infantry 1 Mech 1
Tires 1 Tread 1
Air 1 Ships
Pipeline Transport
Oozium 1
This article is about the aircraft facility in the Advance Wars series. For the similar facility in the Battalion Wars series, see Airbase.

An Airport is a property that is used to build and maintain air units. Another type of airport used is the Temporary Airport, which can only resupply aircraft. The standard airport is a permanent fixture on a map, can manufacture additional units, and cannot be built during battle. Rigs can build temporary airports on any open plain. Temporary airports only provide one terrain star, no additional income, and similar movement costs.

In-depth[edit | edit source]

Airports give three terrain stars. They can be used to build and repair air units, generate income (usually 1000 G per day) and provide terrain cover to any type of unit. However, only air units will be resupplied while occupying the grounds.

In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Lash's ground units get a 30% attack boost on airports. This is reduced to 15% in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Kindle's ground and air units in Advance Wars: Dual Strike get a 40% attack boost while stationed on airports.

In Days of Ruin, bases provide a hiding place for ground units, and can only be revealed either when an enemy unit moves past the city or if they are in the vision range of one of Lin's ground units when she uses her CO Power.

Movement costs[edit | edit source]

Movement type Movement cost
Infantry 1
Mech 1
Tread 1
Tire A 1
Tire B 1
Pipe N/A
Oozium 1
Air 1
Sea N/A
Transport N/A

Unit Creation[edit | edit source]

Aircraft Creation
Aircraft name Aircraft cost
Fighter 20,000
Bomber 20,000
Duster 13,000
B Copter 9,000
T Copter 5,000
Note: The Sea Plane is created from Carriers
but can refuel and resupply at airports.