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IL Battlestation.png
Concept art of the Iron Legion Battlestation
Basic info
Appears in: Battalion Wars,
Battalion Wars 2
Deployed by: Western Frontier,
Tundran Territories,
Xylvania, Iron Legion
Role: Anti-Personnel, Anti-Vehicle
Primary weapon
Name: Cannon
Target: Infantry, Vehicles, Ships, Subs
Secondary weapon
Name: Machine Gun
Target: Infantry


The strongest of the ground forces, the Battlestation has high durability and multiple machine guns and explosive weapons, allowing it to easily destroy large groups of infantry, ground vehicles, and even naval units. With power comparable to that of the Strato Destroyer and Dreadnought, it is only vulnerable to prolonged anti-armor attack, air units being best for that. It is possible to destroy it with ground vehicles or Bazooka Veterans, but this feat is time-consuming. Despite its slow speed, its sheer firepower and thick armor make this terror tank a force to be reckoned with.

In Battalion Wars 1, the Battlestation's primary weapon could only fire straight but its shots would travel very fast. In Battalion Wars 2, the primary weapon functions more similarly to Artillery, although it could hit close-up targets.

Dossier Intel[edit]

Western Frontier[edit]

"The intimidating array of firepower wielded by the Ajax T-500 Battlestation included a powerful double-barreled battle cannon, two side-mounted anti-vehicle turrets, and three .50 caliber HMGs. In light of recent disarmament negotiations, it was withdrawn from active combat deployment."

Tundran Territories[edit]

"Fears that the Mammothka T-500 was too heavy to be deployed in the deep snows of Northern Tundra were overcome through the design of specialized tires capable of providing the required weight distribution on soft terrain."

Solar Empire[edit]

The Solar Empire has not developed this unit.

Anglo Isles[edit]

The Anglo Isles have not developed this unit.


"Produced at the huge Vampfvaggen plant in the heart of Xylvania, the G-14 Goliath boasts, in addition to 3 water-cooled HMGs and two R-55 turrets, twin Sarkol naval guns mounted on top of the vehicle."

Iron Legion[edit]

"The first of its kind, Lord Ferrok's prototype struck terror into the hearts of the Solar Empire battalions who first encountered its devastating power. It is in Legion texts that the name "Battlestation" is first coined, penned by the Iron Lord himself."

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