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Black Cannons are a Lash invention with a long range and plenty of firepower.

In-depth[edit | edit source]

A Black Cannon

Black Cannons are completely impassable (even after destruction) and give no terrain stars. They cover nine squares, in a 3x3 square. They have one spot that can be attacked - the door at the front of the cannon. This weak point has similar defences to a Medium Tank. They have a range of 10 squares in the direction they are aiming, in a fan-shaped area. If a unit was within its attack range, the Black Cannon would fire on it. If more than one unit was in range, the cannon would attack the most expensive one. Each shot did 5HP of damage, but couldn't bring their HP down below 1.

Due to their size, Black Cannons were used occasionally in Black Hole's invasion of Macro Land and only once in the Bolt Guard's Omega Land campaign. A smaller version, called the Minicannon was used more often.

In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, the Black Cannon was first built and tested by Lash and Flak in Orange Star territory, in the Andy's Time mission. Unlike in later missions, this cannon could only fire once every two days due to it being a prototype.

Later, Grit had to face three fully operational Black Cannons in the Nature Walk mission. They were used by Lash to deter Grit's forces while she made an attempt at capturing his Headquarters.

In Green Earth, Drake found himself surrounded by Hawke's forces, including two Black Cannons. With Kanbei lending support on land, Drake snuck some units through the fog to destroy the cannons and force Hawke to withdraw.

The final notable mission featuring Black Cannons was Hot Pursuit, where three of them were protecting Sturm's citadel, along with two Lasers and four Minicannons. The newly-formed Allied Nations had to join forces in order to destroy the three Black Cannons and continue their chase of Sturm.

Black Cannons were also used for defending areas in Great Sea Battle and the Advance Wars: Dual Strike mission Crystal Calamity. They also appeared on a handful of Survival maps.