Brigadier Betty

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Brigadier Betty
Brigadier Betty in Battalion Wars 2
Gender: Female
Faction: Western Frontier
Relatives: None
Current status: Serving with Frontier forces
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Why don't we organize a little sortie to keep them on their toes?

— Brigadier Betty

Brigadier Betty is a protagonist of the Battalion Wars series, and part of the Western Frontier forces.


Brigadier Betty is a energetic, outgoing commander of the Western Frontier forces. She is always concerned about keeping her troops happy, and her sunny demeanor gives them a strong morale boost whenever she is nearby. When other officers disagree, she is able to defuse the situation and help them reach a compromise.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

In the earliest events of the game, Brigadier Betty, along with General Herman and Colonel Austin, are having their troops practice their combat routines on the grounds of a Frontier boot camp. Herman is not satisfied with the practice maneuvers, believing that the troops have gotten out of shape from the constant peace. He soon gets his chance to fight, when a Tundran spy is spotted near the grounds. The Frontier forces mobilize against the Tundran invaders for a time, but call a ceasefire with Marshal Nova after Countess Ingrid's surprise Bomber attack, forming the Alliance of Nations to deal with the Xylvanian threat.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Betty is more visible in the second game than General Herman, and Colonel Austin is nowhere to be found. While Herman is the main officer of Flashback I, Betty does not see much action besides asking the player to liberate her Frontier POWs. In the final mission of the game, the re-formed Alliance of Nations is able to finally destroy Kaiser Vlad's Mining Spider. Betty finds herself in an exposed position near the destroyed machine, and is nearly hit by the explosion; however, Anglo Commander Pierce is able to reach her with his Fighter, and the two escape unharmed.


  • It was Brigadier Betty that, before the events of the first game, suggested creating a practice skirmish to keep Frontier troops on their toes. If she had not done this, the Frontier would never have discovered the Tundran spy nearby. This of course led to war with Tundra, setting the game's events in motion.

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