Colonel Austin

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Colonel Austin
Colonel Austin.png
Colonel Austin in Battalion Wars
Gender: Male
Faction: Western Frontier
Relatives: Major Nelly (wife*)
Current status: Unknown
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars
If we are to have peace, then we must fight for it!

— Colonel Austin

Colonel Austin is a protagonist of the Battalion Wars series, and colonel of the Western Frontier forces.


Colonel Austin is diplomatic and a master strategist; however, he can sometimes become too fixated on details and planning. If it were only Austin leading the Frontier forces, the army would grind to a perfectly-organized halt. Luckily, working with General Herman prevents this.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

In the earliest events of the game, Colonel Austin, along with General Herman and Brigadier Betty, are having their troops practice their combat routines on the grounds of a Frontier boot camp. Herman is not satisfied with the practice maneuvers, believing that the troops have gotten out of shape from the constant peace. He soon gets his chance to fight, when a Tundran spy is spotted near the grounds. The Frontier forces mobilize against the Tundran invaders for a time, but call a ceasefire with Marshal Nova after Countess Ingrid's surprise Bomber attack, forming the Alliance of Nations to deal with the Xylvanian threat.

With the new alliance, the Frontier and Tundran armies are forced to work together. This is best shown by Austin and Tundra's Major Nelly. Former enemies, Nelly quickly warms up to the colonel. The fact that both officers fail to make a re-appearance in the second game's main story may be because they left the armed forces in order to wed.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Colonel Austin appears only in an online Co-op mode mission alongside Major Nelly. He is mentioned in the Western Frontier Bazooka Veteran's dossier as being in charge of training at Fort Gridiron.

Early artwork of the Frontier COs, showing Austin as a Caucasian


  • No reason is given for Austin's disappearance between the events of the two games. However, as he and Major Nelly had seemed to develop a relationship after the Alliance of Nations was formed, they may have left to get married.
  • In the early stages of development, Colonel Austin's character was originally meant to be of Caucasian descent. This was later changed to portray him as African instead.

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