Countess Ingrid

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Countess Ingrid
Countess Ingrid.png
Artwork of the Countess
Gender: Female
Faction: Xylvania
Relatives: None
Current status: Deceased
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars
Run away, little mouse... kitty shall always catch you in the end!

— Countess Ingrid (BW1, "Gunships of the Desert")

Countess Ingrid is an officer of Xylvania, and one of the antagonists of the Battalion Wars series.


Countess Ingrid was responsible for the majority of the Xylvanian air force, and it was she and her Bomber wing who heralded Xylvania's surprise entry into the events of the first game. She is described as cunning, manipulating, and playful, preferring to toy with her opponents than defeat them outright. It is her allegiance to Xylvania and her own thirst for power that lead her to steal the Kaiser's sword and awaken the Iron Legion. This act overwhelms her mind, leaving her under the control of the re-awakened Legion forces, and ultimately leads to her demise at the hands of the Alliance of Nations.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

When the Frontier and Tundran forces are fighting amongst themselves, it is the Countess who sends an Xylvanian Bomber wing to attack both warring nations, declining Tsar Gorgi's offer of an alliance on Kaiser Vlad's behalf. Later in the game, when it is clear that the Xylvanians will lose the war, she steals the Sword of the Kaiser from the Kaiser, and she and Kommandant Ubel travel to the Crater of the Sun. Climbing atop the Cenotaph, she unleashes the Legion, who begin to indiscriminately attack both Allied and Xylvanian troops. Frontier, Tundran, and Solar forces steadily made their way to the Crater of the Sun, where they are able to destroy the Cenotaph, and the rest of the Legion forces. After the battle, Solar Empress Lei-Qo travels to the Cenotaph ruins to personally put an end to the Countess.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

This officer did not appear in Battalion Wars 2.


  • Ingrid's reputation as "The Red Countess" for her skills as a fighter pilot is likely a reference to The Red Baron of World War I.

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