Duo Falls

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Duo Falls
03 Duo Falls.png
As seen in Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Player: Orange Star
Allies: None
Enemy: Blue Moon
Mission Intel
Game Mode: War Room
Terms: Rout / HQ Capture
Weather: Clear
Fog of War status: Inactive
Total Properties
Cities: 25
Bases: 7
Ports: 0
Airports: 4
Com Towers: 0

Duo Falls is the third, War Room-exclusive stage in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. The level of strategy and involvement in the actual battling increases tenfold in this stage in comparison to Spann Island and Moji Island, the two previous stages in the War Room. Not only is the distance between the two headquarters further than in the two previous stages, but the zigzag-like appearance of this stage will prove to make the skirmish all the more interesting, not to mention inevitable and extensive in terms of time. The prodigal army must force the opposing forces back towards their headquarters in order to secure the win here, a task that is made all the more complicated with the lack of Ports, Airports, and Silos. The version of Duo Falls seen in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is identical to the one available in Advance Wars.

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