Empress Lei-Qo

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Empress Lei-Qo
Empress Lei-Qo in BW2
Gender: Female
Faction: Solar Empire
Relatives: Empress Qa-Len (ancestor)
Current status: Solar empress
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
I fear my honorable nation will never know lasting peace.

— Empress Lei-Qo

Empress Lei-Qo is the current empress of the Solar Empire, and a protagonist of both Battalion Wars and Battalion Wars 2.


Empress Lei-Qo is the descendant of Empress Qa-Len, who led the Solar forces to war against the global invasion of the Iron Legion. She is a peace-loving Empress who would like nothing to do with war. However, when the need arises, she mobilizes her troops and can prove to be a ruthless opponent. She has also been shown meditating on more than one occasion, and because of this, is able to glimpse events in the future.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

Lei-Qo is not seen until the Coral Atolls campaign, when the units of the Western Frontier help their Solar allies liberate the island chain from Xylvanian control. As the Frontier forces gain ground, rescuing Solar POWs along the way, they are eventually able to expel the Xylvanians from Solar territory. After reclaiming their islands, the Solar Empire is the third nation to join the Alliance of Nations in order to put an end to Kaiser Vlad's war.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Empress Lei-Qo first appears in Campaign 1, where she works with Solar Admiral A-Qira to fight back against the Anglo Isles' misguided pre-emptive strike. In the very first mission, she instructs the player on the game's controls. A-Qira adds to this tutorial in the next mission, as well.

She also appears in Campaign 3, where she instructs her Solar POWs to assist their Tundran allies in their bid to push Kaiser Vlad's forces out of Tundra. The Solar Empire becomes the third member country to join the re-formed Alliance of Nations to assist in thwarting the Kaiser's plans. In the final mission of the game, her liberated Anti-Air Vehicles prove to be vital assets to the Allied Nations, clearing the skies of Xylvanian Fighters and Gunships around the Mining Spider.


  • Lei-Qo occasionally quotes proverbs from Sun Tzu's The Art of War, changing the gender whenever she refers to herself.
  • Her frequent meditation seems to have earned her the ability to see into the future. It is unknown exactly how far across time she can see.
  • When the Anglo invasion first begins, A-Qira rushes to tell the Empress. After he leaves, she thinks to herself, "History has come full circle. It is just as I have foreseen".

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