Empress Qa-Len

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Empress Qa-Len
Empress Qa-Len in BW2
Gender: Female
Faction: Solar Empire
Relatives: Empress Lei-Qo (descendant)
Current status: Deceased
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Lord Ferrok, there shall be no victory for you on this day!

— Empress Qa-Len

Empress Qa-Len was the ruler of the Solar Empire centuries ago, and one of the protagonists of Battalion Wars 2.


Qa-Len, ancestor of the current Solar Empress, ruled over the Solar Empire 200 years ago during the Lightning Wars. She is a compassionate leader, caring greatly for her soldiers, and is deeply saddened by any losses they take in their quest to defeat the fierce Iron Legion menace.

During the Lightning Wars, the Empress was able to beat the Legion forces back into Old Xylvania's borders with her naval blockades, and prevented Lord Ferrok from using his massive air force by deploying many Anti-Air Vehicles, Frigates, and Infantry. She then led a full-scale invasion of Legion territory on the way to the Iron Tower. Despite her initial success, Qa-Len's units suffered numerous defeats at the hands of the Iron Lord. When Ferrok deployed his Battlestation prototype, she threw all the power she could muster at it, though it soon proved too powerful. Forced to take a step backward, she took hold of an opportunity, seizing control of the Legion's main Nerocite extraction facility; knowing that if Solar forces could defend the mining equipment, the Iron Lord's army would soon run out of fuel. This plan did not work, and the Empress was again forced to retreat. Pushed back to the Old Xylvania shores, Qa-Len mustered all surviving Solar forces to assault the Quad Cannons, Lord Ferrok's shoreline defences. In spite of her bold air-and-naval-unit offensive, the Legion forces renewed their efforts, and the Empire's final units were blown into oblivion by a single Bomber. When all seemed hopeless for the Empire, a single Rifle Grunt was able to survive. He found the Staff of Qa-Len and, both strengthened and shielded by its power, forced his way to the Iron Tower, where he drew down the power of the sun, obliterating the Iron Lord, his tower, and the rest of his Legion.

With the Lightning Wars ended, Qa-Len was so distraught over the loss of so many lives that she traveled to a Tundran glacier and threw the staff into a deep fissure, praying that it would never be used again. Little did she know, the Iron Lord's descendant, Kaiser Vlad, would set the world at war centuries later to find the weapon and have his revenge against Xylvania's enemies...

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Empress Qa-Len is first seen in the prologue mission, where the player takes control of the Solar Staff Bearer's strike force, and climbs the Iron Tower to call on the satellite attack.

The Empress is next seen in Flashback II, where the player commands the otherworldly forces of the Iron Legion in their bid to crush the lingering spirit of defiance in the Solar forces.

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