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カーライル Carlyle
Forsythe temp.png
Forsythe as he appears in Days of Ruin
Faction: Lazuria
Specialty: Greater attack and defence
Hit: N/A
Miss: N/A
First appearance: Days of Ruin
Latest appearance: Days of Ruin
CO Zone: Mega Boost
CO Power: None
Power Meter:

Forsythe, カーライル (Caarairu Carlyle) in the unreleased Japanese version (Famicom Wars DS: Ushinawareta Hikari), is a Commanding Officer in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and leader of Lazuria.


Forsythe serves as an honourable antagonist in the Campaign mode, being fought only once. He is disposed on Greyfield's orders.

He has the largest starting CO zone in the game and boosts all units, but the benefit is slight as such and it's difficult for him to press a front.


Forsythe is the perennial noble commander. He fights against Brenner's Wolves only to protect his own people and surrenders when he's been bested. He also will say that all he wants is for peace to return to the world. He is seen talking with a British accent.


Forsythe only truly acts as a commander as a profession; he treats his allies and enemies alike with respect and commands as much from them.


CO Zone[edit]

All units receive a 10% attack and defence. Radius: 5.

CO Power[edit]