General Herman

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General Herman
General Herman in Battalion Wars 2
Gender: Male
Faction: Western Frontier
Relatives: None
Current status: Frontier general
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
The sun's out, and the skies are flak-free!

— General Herman (BW2, "Repel The Enemy")

General Herman is a protagonist of the Battalion Wars series, and leader of the Western Frontier forces.


30 years ago, the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories were locked in an uneasy ceasefire. The two neighboring countries had established a large Demilitarized Zone along their shared border, each having stationed ground forces there to defend against a pre-emptive strike. One day, Tsar Gorgi broke the truce and launched an attack on the Frontier, believing that they had created a super-weapon. However, the Tsar was acting on faulty intel, which was supplied to him by Xylvanian Kaiser Vlad. Vlad's scheme was meant to embroil the other nations in war, so that he could search for the Staff of Qa-Len undisturbed. The staff was an ancient doomsday device once in possession of the Solar Empire. Centuries ago, during the Lightning Wars, it was this staff that called forth the Solar satellite attack that dealt the final blow to the Iron Legion of Old Xylvania. Vlad sought to claim the staff for himself, so that he could unlimited power against the enemies of Xylvania.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

In the earliest events of the game, General Herman, along with Colonel Austin and Brigadier Betty, are having their troops practice their combat routines on the grounds of a Frontier boot camp. Herman is not satisfied with the practice maneuvers, believing that the troops have gotten out of shape from the constant peace. He soon gets his chance to fight, when a Tundran spy is spotted near the grounds. He leads the Frontier's offensive against the Tundran invaders for a time, but calls a ceasefire with Marshal Nova after Countess Ingrid's surprise Bomber attack, forming the Alliance of Nations to deal with the Xylvanian threat.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Herman first appears in Campaign 1, where he assists the Solar Empire in their counterattack against the Anglo Isles. The Anglos, acting on faulty intel, believed that the Solars were in possession of a super-weapon, and had launched a pre-emptive strike. This misguided attack was set in motion by Xylvanian Kaiser Vlad. Vlad hoped to distract the world with war so that he could search for the Staff of Qa-Len. Herman later takes Brigadier Betty the the Frontier's War Room, and explains that a similar situation occurred decades ago.

The General also appears in Flashback I, where the player commands the Frontier forces against Tsar Gorgi's pre-emptive attack 30 years ago. Similar to the present-day Solar-Anglo conflict, the Tsar called a pre-emptive attack, believing that the Frontier had secretly constructed a super-weapon. Gorgi was acting on unreliable intelligence, however, having been supplied by Kaiser Vlad.


  • Known for his aggressive attitude, two generations of Frontier tanks have been named after him.
  • Growing into his later years, as well as having a powerful voice, Herman fits the traditional stereotype of a drill sergeant.

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