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Green Earth

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Green Earth
Color Green
Military Green Earth Army

Green Earth is a faction featured in Super Famicom Wars, and the first three games in the Advance Wars series: Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Green Earth is usually the fourth stage of the campaign in these games, after Yellow Comet and preceding Black Hole. It is traditionally associated with the third player in multiplayer maps.

Its real world parallel is considered to be Europe, in particular Germany (due the appearance of most of the units as well as Eagle's Blitzkrieg-inspired abilities) and England (due to the architecture of the HQ and cities and also Drake's as pirate/Naval officer); on the other hand, Javier's appearances as a knight are very reminiscent of Spanish chivalry traditions and culture. In conclusion, we can consider Green Earth as a parody of western Europe.

COs[edit | edit source]

In Advance Wars, the Commanding Officers are comprised of Eagle, who has superior air units and weaker naval units. He is accompanied by Drake, a former pirate and a naval unit expert.

Jess joins them in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. She is a vehicle specialist who is weaker with air and sea units.

Finally, Javier arrives as one of the two initial COs in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. He is a chivalrous CO who gets a defensive bonus for each Com Tower he owns. He also has stronger defence against indirect units.

Role in Advance Wars[edit | edit source]

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