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Vehicle is the most common unit class and consists of the majority of ground units. Vehicles are generally weak to primary weapons not designed to take out air or sea units. They can have one of three movement types - Treads, or one of two kinds of tires.

Advance Wars[edit | edit source]

Treads[edit | edit source]

Tire A[edit | edit source]

(This movement type was simply called "Tire" prior to Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Tire B[edit | edit source]

Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

Unit Description
BW2 WF AA Vehicle Icon.png Anti-Air Vehicle Highly effective vs. enemy air vehicles; vulnerable to bazooka and tank shells.
BW2 WF Recon Icon.png Recon Good for fast-moving reconnaissance, but lightly armored.
BW2 WF Light Tank Icon.png Light Tank Highly effective against infantry and light vehicles; vulnerable to bazookas.
BW2 WF Heavy Tank Icon.png Heavy Tank A more powerful and heavily armored version of the Light Tank.
BW2 WF Artillery Icon.png Artillery A large, slow-moving cannon that is devastating at long range but easily overwhelmed in close combat.
BW2 WF Battlestation Icon.png Battlestation Heavily armed and armored, it is only vulnerable to air attack.

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