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This article is about the second-tier tank in the Battalion Wars series. For the similar tank in the Advance Wars series, see Medium Tank.

Heavy Tank
WF HeavyTank.png
Concept art of the Frontier Heavy Tank
Basic info
Appears in: Battalion Wars,
Battalion Wars 2
Deployed by: Western Frontier,
Tundran Territories,
Solar Empire, Anglo Isles,
Xylvania, Iron Legion
Role: Anti-Ground
Primary weapon
Name: Cannon
Target: Infantry, Vehicles
Secondary weapon
Name: Machine Gun
Target: Infantry


What the Heavy Tank lacks in speed, it makes up for in both armor and firepower. Due to its destructive power, it is not commonly deployed to the battlefield. However, its versatility makes it a great asset in any terrestrial battle, and it has been deployed by every nation in the Battalion Wars world.

Dossier Intel[edit]

Western Frontier[edit]

"Equipped with the new twin-barreled cannon, the Herman M1-A5 battle tank, or "Hermanator", packs a mighty punch. Like the MK-5, however, this unit can still easily fall prey to enemy RPGs."

Tundran Territories[edit]

"The combination snow plow and turnip-catcher fitted to the Yuzhin TEA-590 main battle tank is equally effective deployed against clustered or entrenched enemy infantry."

Solar Empire[edit]

"Each Type-42 Oh-Quma "Big Bear" battle tank houses an intelligent on-board computer. Although able to function entirely autonomously, Solar troops are still assigned to each vehicle to keep the tank's characteristically aggressive nature in check."

Anglo Isles[edit]

"The MK-1 "Big Billy" has changed little in its operational history. Formerly steam-powered, the vehicles have now been fully re-fitted to run on yeast extract. Strict regulations prevent tank pilots from eating the fuel, which tastes especially good on toast."


"After years of research into a next-generation tank, Xylvanian designers were required to produce one by Vlad's 97th birthday. Fortunately for them, the prototype of the formidable Ubelmeister III "Drakul" battle engine was ready on time."

Iron Legion[edit]

"The mainstay of the Iron Lord's armored invasion battalions, the treads of these Ferro-plated tanks collected dirt and rubble from the four corners of the globe during the Lightning Wars."

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