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Intelligence Defense Systems

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Intelligent Defense Systems
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Intelligence Defense Systems (IDS) is a company that produces weapons of mass destruction and sells it to countries for use in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Its two main customers are Rubinelle and Lazuria. IDS was made by the original Dr. Caulder, but since he and the other clones of himself were killed by Caulder, Caulder and his clone children run it. The IDS is seen supplying The Beast, Admiral Greyfield, and General Forsythe, though only Forsythe does not accept. The main inventions by IDS are the Talon Gun, the War Tank, The Great Owl, and its headquarters are The Nest, which itself is a weapon of mass destruction.

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Status
Caulder Leader, deceased
Tabitha Alive, whereabouts unknown
Penny Defected
Isabella Defected
Cyrus Defected, deceased
The Beast After Raiders die, he uses IDS troops
Original Dr. Caulder Former leader, deceased
Multiple other Caulder clones Deceased

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The IDS has one of the most COs in the game, having 5 (if one counts Isabella and The Beast), as the Lazurian Army has 3, NRA has 3, and 12th Battalion has 4 (not including other COs who join up with them, such as Penny). However, if one counts Isabella to be a Brenner's Wolves member, and not a IDS member, IDS and 12th Battalion are tied for the most with 4 each (counting The Beast), if one does not consider The Beast, IDS has the normal amount, having 3 like the other enemy forces.
  • Tabitha is the only member that survived the defeat of IDS without defecting.
  • All the clone children seem to have something hanging around their neck, with all except Penny having a vial, while Penny has her bear. It is possible that Penny too has a vial but her bear is blocking it from sight.
  • The IDS is connected to the owl, seeing as how their symbol is an owl, and their weapons are owl-related.
  • Their name is an allusion to the developer of the Advance Wars series, Intelligent Systems.
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