Iron Legion

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Iron Legion
Legion logo.png
The symbol of the Iron Legion
Commanding Officers: Lord Ferrok
Appears in: Battalion Wars,
Battalion Wars 2

The Iron Legion is a faction from the Battalion Wars series.


200 years ago, the Iron Legion was a powerful military residing in Old Xylvania. The countryside was littered with dust, ash, and lava floes, making the lands uninhabitable to all but the demonic, orc-like Legion troops. Commanded by the megalomaniac Lord Ferrok, ancestor of Xylvania's Kaiser Vlad, the Legion marched against the free nations of the world, leaving only the Solar Empire standing to oppose them. In the final days of the Lightning Wars, Solar Empress Qa-Len ordered a tiny strike force of survivors into the heart of Old Xylvania, to the Iron Tower, Lord Ferrok's personal stronghold. The Staff Bearer and his comrades scaled the tower, and activated the Staff of Qa-Len. This staff sent a signal to an orbiting Solar satellite, which expanded its solar panels, absorbed the sun's rays, and focused them into a massive beam of pure energy. The beam fired directly onto the Iron Tower, obliterating it and leaving an enormous crater in its place, which would become known as the Crater of the Sun. Most Legion forces were destroyed instantly, while the rest were frozen in stone. Qa-Len, wishing that the staff would never fall into the wrong hands, traveled to the North Tundra wastes, where she threw the staff into a chasm.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

The Legion forces only appear inside Xylvanian borders. When the Alliance of Nations was closing in, Countess Ingrid stole the Sword of the Kaiser from Kaiser Vlad. She then traveled to the Crater of the Sun, and climbed to the top of the Cenotaph. Using the sword's power, she resurrected the ancient Legion forces of Old Xylvania, hoping to annihilate the invading Alliance. However, the Legion forces could not be controlled, and began attacking both Xylvanian and Allied forces. The Alliance traveled deep into Xylvania to the Crater of the Sun, and eventually managed to destroy the Cenotaph, the source of the Legion's strength and regenerative powers. Afterwards, Solar Empress Lei-Qo traveled to the Cenotaph's ruins to put an end to the possessed Countess.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

The Iron Legion is featured in Flashback II, where the player commands the ancient Legion forces against the retaliatory Solar survivors. Lord Ferrok premieres his prototype Battlestation to deal with the remnants of the Empire forces, catching them unawares while the Solar vehicles recharge at their Solar Panels.

In a desperate attempt to stop the Legion's advance, Empress Qa-Len takes refuge in a Nerocite mine. Nerocite was the primary fuel of Legion forces, and without it, Lord Ferrok's war machine would grind to a halt. The Iron Lord put an end to this plan, saving the mine and eliminating many of the remaining Solar forces.

In the final mission, Qa-Len makes a last-ditch attempt to reverse the tide of the war. Lord Ferrok's troops must defend the Quad Cannons on the shoreline, liberating Legion Artillery on the way. Legion forces are soon able to capture a Solar-held Airbase, providing Fighter and Bomber support to thwart Qa-Len's Battleship-&-Gunship assault. In the end, Legion forces overwhelm the Empire, and nothing stands in Lord Ferrok's way on his journey towards global conquest. However, a sneak attack using a Solar superweapon destroys the Iron Tower and the Iron Legion.


  • The Iron Legion is the only faction with no naval units. This makes the Legion the smallest force in the game, despite their power.
  • The Legion is the only faction with no clear real-world equivalent. However, there are strong similarities with Germany during World War I and World War II.

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