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カトレア Cattleya
Isabella as she appears in Days of Ruin
Faction: Rubinelle
Specialty: Detailed knowledge of various military practices
Hit: N/A
Miss: N/A
First appearance: Days of Ruin
Latest appearance: Days of Ruin
CO Zone: Overall Force Boost
CO Power: Deep Strike, Overlord
Power Meter:

Isabella is a Commanding Officer in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. She is a member of Brenner's Wolves.

She is called Catleia in the European release (Advance Wars: Dark Conflict), (spelt Cattleya in the German release of Dark Conflict) and カトレア (Katorea Cattleya) in the unreleased Japanese edition (Famicom Wars DS: Ushinawareta Hikari)


Isabella is a mysterious girl. She is found in the remains of a Rubinelle city by Will, who took her back to the Legion encampment. She couldn't remember her own name, but knew many facts and about both the Rubinelle and Lazuria militaries. Will named Isabella after the synthetic flower he gave her.

Isabella was later struck down with the The Creeper but was able to fend off infection via sheer willpower. She travelled with the Legion, providing tactical assistance to the other COs. However, she was later taken hostage by Caulder.

It was during this time that she found out that she was a genetically altered clone of Stolos, along with her "sisters" Tabitha and Penny and "brother" Cyrus, created solely for experimentation. Isabella was rescued by Lin and Will and lended her assistance in defeating Caulder.


Isabella is quiet and shy. She doesn't remember much about her life prior to meeting Will, but is eager to help the Wolves. She generally has a happy, pleasent demeanour and doesn't give up hope.


Will and Isabella are very close, likely romantically linked. She has also adopted a role of older sister to Penny, as well as acted as a younger sister to Lin.


CO Zone[edit]

All units in the CO Zone receive a 10% attack and defence boost. Radius: 2.

CO Power[edit]

The mobility of all units is increased by 2, and the attack range of all indirect-combat units is increased by 2.