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キャンドル Candle
Kindle as she appears in Dual Strike
Faction: Black Hole
Specialty: Firepower boost when fighting on any property
Hit: Anything chic
Miss: Anything passé
First appearance: Dual Strike
Latest appearance: Dual Strike
CO Power: Urban Blight
Super CO Power: High Society
Power Meter: Ls2.gifLs2.gifLs2.gifLs.gifLs.gifLs.gif
Winning is almost as wonderful as I am. Aha ha ha!

— Kindle -

Kindle (Japanese: キャンドル Kyandoru; Candle) is a Commanding Officer enlisted in the Black Hole army. She is a new CO in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, introduced in the Black Boats Ahoy! mission, and a member of the Bolt Guard.

She is known as Kindle in the American version, and Candy in the European version of the game.


Kindle is the second-in-command of the new Black Hole army, outranking Jugger, Koal, Lash and even Hawke (as well as Flak and Adder, or so it can be assumed). She first appears after the destruction of the first Black Crystal and Black Arc testing out the new Black Boat unit. She later develops the Oozium, to Lash's distate.

Although she appears to lead the army, she works for an elderly man called Von Bolt. Hawke finds this out at great cost, as Kindle sends a squad of Oozium out to kill him and Lash. They are rescued by the Allied Nations and lead them to the Tower of Rebirth, which Kindle and Jugger defend until its destruction.

Kindle and Koal then defend the first Black Obelisk along with the Black Onyx, but were unsuccesful. Kindle's final battle was on the second front of the final mission, where she defended the three Crystals that defended the Grand Bolt's weak spots.


Kindle is incredibly vain and egotistical, as shown in her usage of the Black Crystal to give her "eternal beauty". She also considers herself to be superior to everyone else, except maybe Von Bolt. Although she is usually quite cruel and vindictive, she does show some sympathy towards Von Bolt's condition at the end of the game.


Kindle has a "simple" relationship with her two subordinates, Jugger and Koal. They pay Kindle complements and are rewarded for it. This is similar to her relationship with her own superior, Von Bolt.

Pretty much everyone else outside the Bolt Guard hates her, however, Jake and Hawke especially. She also has a rivalry with Lash.


Kindle is the queen of property warfare, and has a firepower boost on all properties (including those under enemy control).

Day-to-Day (D2D) All Kindle's units get a 40% firepower boost if they are located on a City, Base, Airport, Com Tower or HQ.

CO Power Urban Blight All enemy units located on properties take 3HP of damage. Units located on properties get their strengths boosted to +70% attack and +10% defence, including the standard boost.

Super CO Power High Society All of Kindle's units on properties get +110% firepower. All units get +3% firepower multiplied by the number of properties Kindle owns, plus the standard boost on top of that.

CO Meter: xxxXXX

CO Powers[edit]

Urban Blight パワーオブシティ
Power of City
Révolution Häuserkampf ??? Potere Urbis
CO Power
High Society アップルフィーバー
Apple Fever
Féroce Cité Establishment ??? Passione Urbis

Tag Affinities[edit]

Tag Partner
Koal Ls2.gif +5% Flash Point ドギーファイアー
Doggie Fire
Urbanisme ??? ??? ???
Jugger Ls2.gif +5% Fireworks デラックスファイアー
DX Fire
Feux de la rampe ??? ??? ???
Jake None -10% Dual Strike タッグブレイク
Tag Break
Pouvour relais Doppel-Gabe Ataque Dual Virtù Doppia
Hawke None -20% Dual Strike タッグブレイク
Tag Break
Pouvour relais Doppel-Gabe Ataque Dual Virtù Doppia

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