Kommandant Ubel

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Kommandant Ubel
Ubel in custody.png
Ubel in his Tundran gulag jumpsuit in BW2
Gender: Male
Faction: Xylvania
Relatives: None
Current status: Trapped in a Tundran fissure
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
The Ice Station is destroyed, and Tsar Gorgi is back to haunt Ubel! Ubel is having a very bad day.

— Ubel (BW2, "Ice Station X")

Kommandant Ubel is an officer of Xylvania, and one of the antagonists of the Battalion Wars series.


Kommandant Ubel is a slow-witted thug from the Xylvanian military. It is revealed in the first game that Ubel once held the rank of Grunt; what he did to persuade Kaiser Vlad to promote him is unknown. He is typically incapable of perceiving the player's intentions, and usually requires the Kaiser's help to achieve their objectives. This is evident in the second game's "Ice Station X" mission; when the Tundran forces destroy one of his Anti-Air Towers, Ubel remarks, "Ubel never liked that Anti-Air Tower anyway!", not knowing that Tundra was clearing the way to deploy Bomber support.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

Ubel is usually sent to do the Kaiser's dirty work, like stalling the advancing forces while Vlad prepares his troops for battle. Later in the game, when it is clear that the Xylvanians will lose the war, he accompanies Countess Ingrid to the Cenotaph. The Countess had stolen the Sword of the Kaiser from the Kaiser, and climbing atop the monument, unleashes the Legion, who begin to attack both Allied and Xylvanian troops. Frontier, Tundran, and Solar units steadily made their way to the Crater of the Sun, where they are able to destroy the Cenotaph, and the rest of the Legion forces. They next advance to the Vladstag, the Kaiser's ancestral homeland at the heart of Xylvania. The city falls and Ubel is taken into Tundran custody for murdering the Tsar, but Vlad is able to escape by helicopter.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

After Vlad's escape, the other nations quickly return to a life of peace. While Kaiser Vlad secretly continues his search for the Staff of Qa-Len, it is not until the Tundran campaign that Vlad invades Tundra, and breaks Ubel out of the Tundran gulag where he had been imprisoned. The two Xylvanian officers then continue their search in the North Tundra wastes.

To divert Tundran attention away from the Kaiser and his search, Ubel visits Gorgisburg, where the Tsar's body is lying in state. Ubel destroys the Tsar's statue, and rigs the mausoleum with dynamite, hoping to keep the Allies occupied long enough for Vlad to find the staff.

His next mission is to protect Kaiser Vlad's "Ice Station X", a seismic detection platform that is searching for the Solar staff. While Ubel is unable to prevent its destruction by the Tundran forces, the seismic data is transferred to the Kaiser just before the machine is attacked mercilessly by Tundran Bombers. He then retreats to the Mining Spider with the Kaiser to defend the machine from attack by the re-formed Alliance of Nations. However, the single Tundran Battlestation fires the final shot of the war, destroying the Spider and any hope that the Kaiser had at claiming the Solar doomsday weapon.

In an escape attempt, Kaiser Vlad calls in an Air Transport to carry he and Ubel to safety; however, Anglo Commander Pierce is able to quickly shoot it down. With nowhere else to go, Vlad and Ubel are forced to climb down into the fissure to escape from the Allies. Trapped behind a wall of boulders and rubble, the Kaiser orders Ubel to dig them out. He strikes a match, telling Ubel that "the torch of destiny still burns brightly for Xylvania", just before the light goes out.


  • Ubel typically refers to himself in the third person.
  • Ubel once requested that when Kaiser Vlad takes over the world, that he be appointed "Governator". This may be a reference to former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who also speaks with an Austrian accent.
  • Ubel has been referred to both as "Kommandant" and "Kommander".

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