Lazurian Army

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The Lazurian Army is the military of Lazuria in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


After the meteor strikes, the retired General Forsythe came back to lead the army and continued the war with Rubinelle against the New Rubinelle Army. During the war, they are asked to use the deadly weapons by Caulder, but Forsythe declined it, saying that it would be immoral. Later after being defeated by 12th Battalion, Brenner promises that if Forsythe surrenders and takes the blame for the war so that no Lazurian will get hurt, to which Forsythe agrees. However, Admiral Greyfield does not agree and kills Forsythe, which causes 12th Battalion to split off from the New Rubinelle Army and join up with Tasha and Gage. The remaining Lazurian Army fights against the New Rubinelle, ultimately killing Greyfield, but Brenner was also killed in the process. In the end of the game, Gage and Tasha together lead the Lazurian Army.


Name Status
General Forsythe Former Leader, Deceased
Gage Co-Leader
Tasha Co-Leader
John Deceased