List of Missions in Advance Wars 2

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This is a list of the missions that make up the Campaign in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.

* Denotes the Laboratory map
** Denotes the secret Neotank mission

Orange Star Campaign[edit]

Mission 1: Cleanup
Mission 2: Border Skirmish
Mission 3: Orange Dawn
Mission 4: Flak Attack*
Mission 5: Lash Out
Mission 6: Andy's Time
Mission 7: Test of Time**
Mission 8: Liberation

Blue Moon Campaign[edit]

Mission 9: Tanks!!!
Mission 10: Toy Box*
Mission 11: Reclamation
Mission 12: T Minus 15
Mission 13: Neotanks?!**
Mission 14: Nature Walk
Mission 15: Two-Week Test
Mission 16: Factory Blues

Yellow Comet Campaign[edit]

Mission 17: Silo Scramble
Mission 18: Sensei's Return
Mission 19: Show Stopper*
Mission 20: Duty and Honor
Mission 21: Foul Play
Mission 22: A Mirror Darkly
Mission 23: Sea of Hope**
Mission 24: The Hunt's End

Green Earth Campaign[edit]

Mission 25: Sea Fortress
Mission 26: Sinking Feeling*
Mission 27: Drake's Dilemma
Mission 28: Rain of Fire
Mission 29: Danger x9**
Mission 30: To the Rescue
Mission 31: Navy vs Air
Mission 32: Great Sea Battle

Black Hole Campaign[edit]

Mission 33: Hot Pursuit
Mission 34: Final Front

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