Moji Island

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Moji Island
02 Moji Island.png
As seen in Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Player: Orange Star
Allies: None
Enemy: Blue Moon
Mission Intel
Game Mode: War Room
Terms: Rout / HQ Capture
Weather: Clear
Fog of War status: Inactive
Total Properties
Cities: 24
Bases: 8
Ports: 0
Airports: 0
Com Towers: 0

Moji Island is a special, War Room-exclusive map available in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. The island itself is shaped like a bulls-eye, catering to two armies, one of which is situated right at the center of the island, the other at its northern edge. While this stage is only the second presented upon entering the War Room, it is a large step up in terms of required battle strategy and landscape in respect to its War Room neighbor, Spann Island. For one, a large mountainous forest, terrain that is renowned in the Advance Wars universe for its vision range and accessibility dilapidation, separates the headquarters of the two armies; this terrain caters to two different battle strategies as a result of its placement. Armies may take the longer, more tank-accessible route around the base of the island in order to reach their foe, or attempt to traverse the thick forest with infantry, using the cover of the trees and mountains as extra defence while taking on enemy fire. In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, the Moji Island, as a War Room stage, keeps the identical forest, mountain, and building positions of its predecessor.