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Mountain (AW1).png
Def: TerrainStar.pngTerrainStar.pngTerrainStar.pngTerrainStar.png Funds: —
Movement cost
Infantry 2 Mech 1
Tires Tread
Air 1 Ships
Pipeline Transport
Oozium 1

Mountains provide a large amount of defence, but can only be traversed by Infantry, Mechs, Ooziums and aerial units.

In-depth[edit | edit source]

Mountains give 4 terrain stars and increase the vision range of any soldier unit on them by 3.

In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Lash's foot soldiers get a 40% attack boost on mountains. This is reduced to 20% in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

COs with the "Mountaineer" skill rank in Advance Wars: Dual Strike get a 10% attack boost with any units positioned on a mountain.

Movement costs[edit | edit source]

Movement type Movement cost
Infantry 2
Mech 1
Tread N/A
Tire A N/A
Tire B N/A
Pipe N/A
Oozium 1
Air 1
Sea N/A
Transport N/A