Spann Island

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Spann Island
01 Spann Island.png
As seen in Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Player: Orange Star
Allies: None
Enemy: Blue Moon
Mission Intel
Game Mode: War Room
Terms: Rout / HQ Capture
Weather: Clear
Fog of War status: Inactive
Total Properties
Cities: 10
Bases: 9
Ports: 0
Airports: 0
Com Towers: 0

Spann Island is a special, War Room-exclusive stage available in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. Not only is it the first stage that can be chosen upon entering the War Room, it is among the simplest and most basic of the maps available. Spann Island is one of the few battlefields in the War Room that honors only two armies, the forces of which must trek a short distance to reach the other's headquarters at the opposite edge of the isle. Although the map is very small in comparison to those in the Campaign of Advance Wars, it still comes packed with a sufficient amount of cities, four Bases per army, and a proportional amount of terrain that may, under some situations, make or break a tough skirmish. The version of Spann Island in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising is identical in appearance and building placement to that of its predecessor.