Strato Destroyer

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Strato Destroyer
WF StratoDestroyer.png
Concept art of the Frontier Strato Destroyer
Basic info
Appears in: Battalion Wars,
Battalion Wars 2
Deployed by: Western Frontier, Xylvania
Role: Anti-Ground, Anti-Air, Anti-Ship
Primary weapon
Name: Bombs
Target: Infantry, Vehicles, Ships
Secondary weapon
Name: Missiles
Target: Planes, Copters


The Strato Destroyer is a heavily-armored air unit, a combination of Fighter and Bomber. Its only vulnerability is the break in its armor on the rear of the plane, where its fuel tank is located. It is one of the few units that can successfully launch an attack against an enemy Battlestation, the others being the Gunship and Bomber. As the first-tier air unit, it is similar to the Battlestation and Dreadnought in terms of power. However, it can't move nearly as well as Fighters.

Dossier Intel[edit]

Western Frontier[edit]

"Now obsolete due to erratic flight controls, the B-5000 Strato Destroyer was armed with both air-to-air missiles and the ability to deliver a heavy consignment of high-explosive bombs. The only chink in its armor was the lack of significant rear-facing armaments."

Tundran Territories[edit]

The Tundran Territories have not developed this unit.

Solar Empire[edit]

The Solar Empire has not developed this unit.

Anglo Isles[edit]

The Anglo Isles have not developed this unit.


"The Zornier Z-1 "Skyhammer" provides Xylvanian High Command with long-range strike capability. It can perform air interdiction and offensive counter-ground duties, incorporating heavy-load adapter channels for carrying 3,000-kilo bombs."

Iron Legion[edit]

The Iron Legion has not developed this unit.


  • The Anglo Isles seem to have developed their own Strato Destroyer, as evidenced from their in-game concept art, but was dropped before the game's release.
  • The Strato Destroyer makes only one appearance in Battalion Wars 2 — in the final level, "The Reckoning", to defend Kaiser Vlad's Mining Spider from the Allied Tundran Battlestation.

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