Submarine (Battalion Wars)

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AI Sub.png
Concept art of the Anglo Submarine
Basic info
Appears in: Battalion Wars 2
Deployed by: Western Frontier,
Tundran Territories,
Solar Empire, Anglo Isles,
Role: Anti-Ship
Primary weapon
Name: Torpedoes
Target: Ships, Subs
Secondary weapon
Name: None
Target: N/A


The Submarine is a useful naval unit, prized for its stealth. Once submerged, a Submarine can only be detected and attacked by Frigates and other Subs. It is in this state that it can easily attack Battleships, Naval Transports, and Dreadnoughts, with little fear of retaliation. However, the vessel will eventually need to resurface to replenish its oxygen supply, leaving it exposed to nearby enemies.

Dossier Intel[edit]

Western Frontier[edit]

"The diesel-powered Manatee-class Submarine compromises oxygen storage for weapons complement. The forward T-19 Sturgeon torpedo pods take up most of the vessel's interior, meaning that the Manatee must frequently resurface to replenish air supplies."

Tundran Territories[edit]

"The subaquanauts charged with piloting Narwhal-class Submarines spend years acclimatizing to the freezing Tundran waters as part of their training. The resulting desensitization makes it hard for pilots to spot symptoms of "the bends"."

Solar Empire[edit]

"Following the successful deployment of low-orbit satellites, Solar engineers turned their attention to the sea. Militarized following the Lightning Wars, the Type-7 An-Qoh "Monkfish" started life as a sub-aquatic exploration vehicle used to survey areas suitable for artificial underwater habitats."

Anglo Isles[edit]

"Pilots of P-Class "Pepper" Submarines consider it a matter of personal pride maintaining the brilliant amber hulls of their underwater craft, which all too often become tarnished by flotsam and jetsam."


"Xylvania has V-571 Zordfish wolf packs defending its territorial waters at all times. Kommandant Ubel is a strong proponent of increased Submarine research, often indicating displeasure with his personal Battlestation's performance underwater."

Iron Legion[edit]

The Iron Legion has not developed this unit.

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