Tsar Gorgi

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Tsar Gorgi
Tsar Gorgi.png
Tsar Gorgi in Battalion Wars
Gender: Male
Faction: Tundran Territories
Relatives: Marshal Nova (son)
Current status: Deceased
In the games
First appearance: Battalion Wars
Latest appearance: Battalion Wars 2
Tundra is a nation of conquest, my son. Why do you dishonor my memory with idle talk of peace?

— Tsar Gorgi

Tsar Gorgi was the ruler of the Tundran Territories, and supreme commander of the nation's military. Initially portrayed as an enemy, he eventually allies with the player's forces to defend against the Xylvanian menace.


Tsar Gorgi had been in power for decades, and had held a deep suspicion of the neighboring Western Frontier which sparked a pre-emptive Tundran invasion of the Frontier. Unfortunately, the Tsar had acted on faulty intelligence, which had been supplied by Kaiser Vlad of Xylvania. The Kaiser intended to distract the other nations while he searched for the Staff of Qa-Len, an ancient doomsday device that once belonged to the Solar Empire.

In Battalion Wars[edit]

Years later, his son Marshal Nova rises to power. While Nova initially believes that it was the Frontier that had broken the ceasefire, he learns that it was really Gorgi, whom he angrily strips of his authority over the Tundran forces. Hoping to ensure Tundra's victory, the Tsar secretly made a pact with Kaiser Vlad, which was eventually broken by Countess Ingrid's Bomber attack on both armies. He is not seen much in the early part of the game, having been exiled by Nova. However, when the Frontier forces move to bomb the Kaiser's Nerocite extraction towers in the Dune Sea, Tsar Gorgi returns from exile, with a wing of Fighter jets to defend the Frontier Bombers. The battle is soon won, but Xylvanian Kommandant Ubel rolls up to the Tsar on his motorcycle, and throws Gorgi off of a bridge. He survives long enough to ask Nova's forgiveness, telling him that he was only acting in Tundra's best interests.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit]

Gorgi appears in his earthly form in Flashback I, where the player commands the Frontier forces against his invading Tundran troops.

Following his death at the hands of Kommandant Ubel, Tsar Gorgi lingers as a ghost, reminding Marshal Nova that Tundra is a "nation of conquest". Nova is content with peace, but on Gorgi's insistence, goes to the Solar Empire's aid in their counterattack against the Anglo Isles. Unfortunately for Nova, he plays right into Kaiser Vlad's hands; the Kaiser wanted to lure Tundra to war, wanting to weaken their forces before invading the territories in his search for the Staff of Qa-Len.


  • Tsar Gorgi's body lying in state in his mausoleum is likely a reference to Russian leader Vladimir Lenin.
  • His son, Marshal Nova, is never referred to as "Tsar", even after Gorgi's death. This may be a reference to the Russian Revolution, when the Tsars were forced out of power.

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