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I still want to help this wiki out when I can. I'm currently an admin at Zelda and bureaucrat at the new Kirby wiki ( I'm glad to see some activity finally going on here. Well Zelda, Bulbapedia, and Super Mario wiki have created a new network for wikis that aren't hosted on wikia, neoseeker and the like. Check out the network page: NIWA. If Wars wiki decides to join, the other wikis could bring in many more viewers and editors, help with wiki coding, etc.

Sandbox Space[edit]

Attention! The Commander has compiled a list of objectives. Choose a target, and report all available intelligence!

  1. Recruitment - Spread the word far and wide! Wars Wiki will be grateful to all enlisted forces.
  2. Most Wanted - Analysts report insufficient intel on the following targets:
    1. Bolt Guard
    2. Intelligent Research Systems
    3. Game Boy Wars (series)
    4. Game Boy Wars TURBO
    5. Davis
    6. Design Maps
    7. Grand Bolt
    8. Bolt Guard
    9. Kuju Entertainment
    10. Temporary Port
  1. Infiltrate & Report! - Intelligence is lacking here, as well. Investigate a target, and report your findings!

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