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I enjoy playing Advance Wars, and I know some about mediawiki markup. However, I fail at inserting sources for statements. I also like programming and maths.

I've played AW, AW2, AW:DS and AW4.

Inactive[edit | edit source]

I'm mostly inactive since several years ago, which people undoubtly have noticed.

Todo[edit | edit source]

In no particular order, I might do this (others are of course welcome to help):

  • Upload in-battle sprites of units from different factions.
  • Upload small unit and building sprites for different factions (also white buildings).
  • Move stuff in Category:Images/Screenshots to Category:Images/Screenshots/Maps–probably via a wikibot.
  • Check the list of links to the chart images, and point them to Damage instead.
  • Wikify the DoR table in Damage, though I don't even have the game, so I don't know a whole lot about it...
  • Add unit and building sprites to articles about them.
    • Via infobox templates.
  • Categorize images and articles even more (having a nice structure is great when you want to edit all terrain pages, or similar).