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I'm Turtwig A, also known as A and another name which I really can't remember on the Mario Wiki.

Wikis[edit | edit source]

  • Bulbapedia (Pokémon): first wiki joined; I have several games
  • Super Mario Wiki (Mario): first Nintendo series wiki visited; I have several games
  • Zelda Wiki (Zelda): I have no Zelda games
  • WiKirby (Kirby): I have 3 games: Canvas Curse, Squeak Squad, and Nightmare in Dream Land
  • Wars Wiki (Nintendo Wars): I have no Nintendo Wars games
  • WikiBound (Earthbound): I have no Earthbound games, but always wanted to play the series. Username is A. Administrator here.
  • Lylat Wiki (Star Fox): No Star Fox games, but I've played some demos of Star Fox 64. Username is A.
  • Metroid Wiki (Metroid):
  • Fire Emblem Wiki (Fire Emblem): Currently putting text on the extremely short articles.
  • Animal Crossing Wiki (Animal Crossing): Have no Animal Crossing games.
  • Pikipedia (Pikmin): Have no Pikmin games.
  • Pikcanon-Not! (Pikmin Fanon): Haven't done anything here
  • Super Smash Bros. Wiki (Super Smash Bros.): Have the last two games, creating many articles here.