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We want your army to fight with us!

Wars Wiki needs YOU! Allies are always appreciated, and this page is for those who choose to ally themselves with Wars Wiki, whether you're a wiki or just an independent fansite.

To affiliate with us, please add to the Discussion page.

Wiki Allies[edit]

These affiliates are fellow wikis who have decided to ally themselves with us.

Banner Link Description
NIWA members
BP Banner.png Bulbapedia The community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.
SMWbanner.png Mario Wiki The wiki for everything Mario.
ZWaffiliate-button.png Zelda Wiki.org The online, collaborative encyclopedia covering the Legend of Zelda series.
MW Banner.png Metroid Wiki The wiki on everything Metroid.
WKBanner.png WiKirby It's a wiki. About Kirby.
LW Banner.png Lylat Wiki The up-and-coming wiki on the Star Fox series.
PWBanner.png Pikipedia Flower Power! The wiki for all things Pikmin.
Pikmin Fanon Pikipedia's sister wiki for fan-made Pikmin creations.
StrategyWiki banner.png StrategyWiki The wide-reaching wiki for all video game walkthroughs.
Noimage.png SmashWiki A wide-ranging wiki for everything about Super Smash Bros.
WikiBound button.png WikiBound The wiki detailing the EarthBound/Mother games.
DKWiki button.png Donkey Kong Wiki The name says it all! A wealth of knowledge about the DK universe.
Noimage.png Nookipedia Nookipedia, the one-stop wiki about the Animal Crossing games.
GoldenSun button.png Golden Sun Universe An encyclopedia about everything related to Golden Sun.
Noimage.png NintendoWiki A wiki about the company's games, people, patents, and other trivia.
FE flag.png Fire Emblem Wiki An up-and-coming wiki for the Fire Emblem series.
StarfyWiki button.png Starfy Wiki Everything about The Legendary Starfy series.
Fzero button.png Mute City Mute City, the wiki for everything about the F-Zero series.
Icaruspedia button.png Icaruspedia An up-and-coming wiki dedicated to the Kid Icarus series.
NIWA affiliates
Noimage.png Gamehiker The wide-reaching wiki covering Nintendo and its first- and second-party game series.
Seiwa button.png SEIWA The Square Enix Independent Wiki Alliance, a sister network to NIWA.