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Skill rank

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Skill Rank was introduced in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Each CO earns skill points during battles in the Campaign and the War Room. Upon earning 1000 points, a CO is elevated to the next skill level. Each new level unlocks new abilities, such as Luck or Snipe Guard. Up to four abilities can be in effect at a time. The Star Rank skills cannot be used until after Campaign mode has been completed.

Skills Rank
Rank Skill name Effect Rank Skill name Effect
1 Bruiser Direct attack +5% 6 Bodyguard Tag CO's defence +10%
Sharpshooter Indirect attack +5% Prairie Dog Plain movement =1
Slam Guard Direct-fire defence +8% Pathfinder Woods movement =1
Snipe Guard Indirect-fire defence +8% Stealthy Dive/Hide fuel cost -2
Combat Pay Damage foes to earn cash Gold Rush Funds from bases +100
Luck Random higher damage 7 High and Dry Attack in rain +20%
2 APC Guard APC Defense +10% Icebreaker Attack in snow +20%
Tower Power Com Tower effect +5% Sand Scorpion Attack in sandstorm +20%
Sneaky Dive/Hide fuel cost -1 8 Brawler Direct attack +8%
3 Teamwork Tag CO's attack +5% Sniper Indirect attack +8%
Scout Vision +1 Slam Shield Direct-fire defence +12%
Mechanic Base repair +1 Snipe Shield Indirect-fire def. +12%
Invader Capture +1 9 Synergy Tag CO's attack +8%
Sale Price Production cost -5% Fire Sale Production cost -8%
4 Road Rage Road attack +10% Eagle Eye Vision +2
Ranger Woods attack +10% Gear Head Base repair +2
Urban Fighter City attack +10% Conquerer Capture +2
Mountaineer Mountain attack +10% Mistwalker Hide units during Super CO
Seamanship Sea attack +10% Soul of Hachi Deploy in cities in Super CO
Backstab Dive/Hide attack +15%
5 APC Boost APC Movement +1
Missile Guard Damage from silos -1
Cannon Guard Damage from cannons -1
Star Power Power meter fills quickly