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[[{{{prevmission}}}|]] [[{{{prevmission}}}|Mission {{{prevmission#}}}: {{{prevmission}}}]]
[[List of Missions in {{{gamename}}}|{{{gamename}}} Campaign]]
[[{{{nextmission}}}|Mission {{{nextmission#}}}: {{{nextmission}}}]] [[{{{nextmission}}}|]]

Usage[edit source]

This template can be placed on a page to link the previous, current, and next missions in a campaign. The left and right areas link to the previous mission and the next mission, while the center links to that game's list of campaign missions. The background colors for the left and right areas can also be altered to show where each mission takes place.


For the first and final missions of a campaign, set either prev or next to "no"; including country, mission#, and mission are no longer necessary. This will darken either end of the bar to the background color.