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Wars Wiki:Manual of style

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This article is an official guideline on Wars Wiki.

All users are strongly encouraged to abide by its contents.

This is an instruction manual that addresses the conventions adopted by Wars Wiki for titles, articles, and linking. Please read it before you contribute to Wars Wiki.

Basic wiki-code[edit source]

In addition to writing articles that are based on factual and useful information, contributors are expected to use decent spelling and grammar and have a basic knowledge of wiki-code. Some of the most common wiki-code conventions are listed below. Please remember to use the row of buttons above the edit box, it's there to help.

Text formatting[edit source]

  • To make a bit of text bold-faced, add three apostrophes on both sides. For example, '''Wars Wiki''' will result in Wars Wiki. However, bold text is typically used only in the first sentence of an article to define the name of the subject. For normal emphasis, it is better to use italicized text, which is accomplished by adding two apostrophes around the text instead of three: ''Wars Wiki''. This will result in Wars Wiki.

Linking[edit source]

Whenever something that has its own article on Wars Wiki is referenced in another article, be sure to link to it. This is easily done, simply add a pair of brackets on both ends of the word or title. For example, [[Orange Star]] will result in Orange Star. However, there are times when using the exact name of an article will cause a sentence to be awkwardly-worded. When this occurs, add a vertical pipe after the article name, and type the new text to the right of it. For example, [[Tundran Territories|the Tundrans]] will result in the Tundrans, which links to the Tundran Territories article.

Link templates[edit source]

These useful bits of wiki-code are a different way to achieve the same result. For example, typing [[Bomber]] will link to a disambiguation page, because there is more than one article that goes by that name. To link to the page about the Advance Wars unit, you would type {{AWs|Bomber}}, which results in Bomber; this is a simpler way of typing out [[Bomber (Advance Wars)|Bomber]], which achieves the same result. For a full list of link templates and their use, see the link templates category.

Linking to Wikipedia[edit source]

When referencing something outside of the Nintendo Wars world, it is often useful to link to the Wikipedia article on the subject. When linking to a Wikipedia article, please use {{wp|article name|alternate text}}. Be sure that you are linking to an existing Wikipedia article.

External links[edit source]

Linking to other external sources is done using a singe pair of brackets. In this situation, a vertical pipe is not necessary to divide the URL from the visible text. For example, to link to Google, typing [http://google.com/ Google] would result in Google. External links are mostly used to cite references, source images, and link to any related websites.

Images[edit source]

Our logo

Images are added in a manner similar to that of links. To add an image, type [[File:(name).(extension)]]. Formatting attributes can be added as well, separated by vertical pipes. For example, [[File:Wars Wiki logo.png|thumb|right|100px|Our logo]] will add the image you see to the right. Please remember to add a description using The "File" template when uploading an image, and categorize it appropriately.

Categories[edit source]

Categories are added in a manner similar to that of links, as well. To categorize an article, type [[Category:(category name)]]. For example, typing [[Category:Help pages]] would add this article to Category:Help pages. To link to a category and not add the article to that category, type {{c|name of category|alternate text (optional)}} or add a colon before Category, such as [[:Category:Help pages]].
All pages should be categorized. The only page that should not be categorized is the Main Page.

Headlines[edit source]

Articles are divided into an outline by the number of headline levels. These levels are indicated by equals signs on both ends of the headline text. There are six levels of headlines, beginning with a single equals sign on either end being the first and highest level, which would look like =Headline text=, and ending with six equals signs on either end, which would result in ======Headline text======. Both the first and second levels are automatically underlined. Text size decreases with lower-level headlines. For articles, pages should start with the second level, using two equal signs, and have further groups into the third and fourth levels.

Lists[edit source]

There are two major ways to create a list. For a bulleted list, add an asterisk before each item, for example:

* Orange Star
* Blue Moon
* Green Earth
* Yellow Comet

would become:

  • Orange Star
  • Blue Moon
  • Green Earth
  • Yellow Comet

To create a list with definitions, add a semicolon before each item, and a colon before each item's details. For example:

The largest tank in the Advance Wars series.
Black Hole's secret project that can overwhelm a unit with ease.

Tables[edit source]

Tables both begin and end with a bracket and vertical pipe. Rows can be divided with a vertical pipe and a dash, and cells within the same row can be divided with vertical pipes. Title headings can be indicated with exclamation points rather than vertical pipes. For example:

! Country
! CO
| Blue Moon
| Olaf
| Green Earth
| Eagle

Would become:

Country CO
Blue Moon Olaf
Green Earth Eagle

Formatting attributes can also be added to give some life to the table. The first-row attributes apply to the whole table. Attributes on the same line of text with vertical lines and dashes apply to that row. Attributes for just one cell can be put before the content, divided with another vertical line. For example:

{| style="border: 1px solid #999; border-collapse: collapse;"
|- style="background: #ccc;"
! Country
! CO
|- style="background: #ccf;"
| Blue Moon
| align="right" | Olaf
|- style="background: #cfc;"
| Green Earth
| align="right" | Eagle

Will become:

Country CO
Blue Moon Olaf
Green Earth Eagle

Article titles[edit source]

The conventions for titles dictate that all proper nouns are capitalized, as are all locations, and names unless specifically not capitalized. Titles are not written like book titles with most words capitalized; please note the title of this page: "Manual of style", not "Manual of Style".

Uniformity in the titling of pages makes for a much more professional appearance with regards to the public perception of our wiki, as well as aid in organization of pages and content. Also, please link to an article only once within a given section of text; if "Von Bolt" is used more than once in a paragraph, please only link to it the first time.

Opening line[edit source]

The full name of an article's subject should appear in the first few words of the article itself. Alternate names may be described later. Names in languages besides Japanese and English should have their own "In other languages" section near the end of the article, with only Related articles and External links following after. Some examples include:

Kindle, known as Candy in Europe, is a Black Hole CO and member of the Bolt Guard.
Eagle (Japanese: イーグル, Iiguru) is a Commanding Officer from Green Earth.

Spelling and Grammar[edit source]

  • Locations should be capitalized in a manner consistent with British English grammar; Green Earth will always have the E capitalized.
  • All sentences, including in image captions, should use periods (also called full stops).
  • All spaces, including after periods, should be single spaced. All line breaks should be single line breaks; If more space is necessary, try using <br>.
  • Lists should utilize the Oxford comma.
  • All spelling on articles should utilize the British English spelling of words. For example, protective gear should be spelled Armour.

Regarding specific topics[edit source]

Please take note of the already-existing pages regarding a topic and be sure to try and link to them; this makes for fewer broken and misdirected links. Ensure that capitalization of pages is consistent through links, to prevent the duplication of pages.

Style of writing; editing, bias, and opinion[edit source]

Please remember that Wars Wiki is meant to be an encyclopedia, and as such should contain the best possible level of literary style. As an encyclopedia, it is best to avoid using the second-person (you; the reader), as this is unprofessional: "You can capture the Port to get more naval units" is incorrect, while "Capturing the Port will allow the player to manufacture naval reinforcements" is preferred.

Always check for spelling and grammatical errors on a page; if you happen to notice any, feel free to correct them.

Image preferences[edit source]

Images can be a helpful visual addition to an article's content. Overwriting existing images is acceptable, since the higher-quality image is preferred, not the image with greater seniority. See Help:Images for more.

Formatting preferences[edit source]

  • For backgrounds and templates, distractingly bright colors should be avoided. Colors that are easier on the eye are preferred.
  • Navigation templates should be as useful as possible, not as large as possible. Try to keep them simple but useful.

Smart Punctuation[edit source]

Smart punctuation (“|”|‘|’) is a special type of quotation marks and apostrophe meant to provide more style in text. Smart Punctuation isn't used universally on keyboards, however, and as such should be avoided entirely, whether in titles, descriptions, or in article text. Regular apostrophes and quotations ("|') should be used instead. Pages with apostrophes in their title should have redirects created using Smart Punctuation to assist users get to respective pages.

Integration of content from other websites[edit source]

Do not copy text directly from other websites. If an outside source agrees to have their text to appear on Wars Wiki and be edited and expanded upon, only then may editors directly copy their text into Wars Wiki. In this case, the source must be credited. If Wars Wiki already has information on an article, it is better to expand on that than to simply add another site's text over it.

Wikipedia content[edit source]

Remember, no matter how similar the two may be, Wars Wiki and Wikipedia do not have compatible licenses. Therefore, for legal reasons as well as those of style, please avoid directly copying any text from Wikipedia.

We at Wars Wiki strive to create, provide, and upkeep a wide database of Nintendo Wars information. Your help is very much appreciated!