Orange Star

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Orange Star
Orange Star logo.png
Orange Star emblem
Commanding Officers: Nell, Hachi, Andy, Max, Sami, Rachel, Jake
Appears in: Advance Wars,
AW2: Black Hole Rising,
AW: Dual Strike
The borders of Orange Star as seen in Cosmo Land, in Advance Wars

Orange Star, or OS, is one of the five nations in Cosmo Land. Bearing a resemblance to the United States, it holds a rivalry with its neighbor to east, Blue Moon. In the series, Orange Star is always the first army to move in multiplayer and the first stage of the campaign. Orange Star is called Red Star in the Japanese editions of Advance Wars.


Advance Wars 1[edit]

Andy: Andy is a young, happy-go-lucky new CO, and the first CO the player gets to use in the campaign mode. He is average with all units, and his CO power repairs his units.

Max: Max is a cocky yet caring musclehead who acts like a big brother to Andy, and has an old friendship with Nell and Grit. His indirect units are weak, but his direct units are the best in the game.

Sami: Sami is a cool, dutiful and proud commando, eager to prove herself to her superiors. Her infantry units are stronger and capture properties quicker, though her direct vehicles are weaker than those of other COs.

Nell: Born under a lucky star, Nell is the commander-in-chief who guides the player through the tutorial and the campaign. Nell herself is never playable in the campaign mode, but after the player unlocks everything else in the game she can then be purchased from Hachi's shop as a playable CO in versus mode. Her units are luckier and have a chance to strike for more damage than usual.

All of these COs return in Advance Wars 2 and Dual Strike

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising[edit]

All of the Orange Star COs from Advance Wars 1 return in Advance Wars 2, with Super CO powers and slight balance adjustments. They are all playable in the campaign mode, except for Nell. After completing the Hard Campaign, a new CO is unlocked for use in versus mode:

Hachi: A veteran commander who prefers now to sell items to the player and chat about tidbits when he's visited. He has no weaknesses, his units are 10% cheaper to buy, and his powers make them even cheaper while his super CO power lets him purchase units at cities like they were bases.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike[edit]

Orange Star gains two new COs in Dual Strike:

Jake: Jake's a plains expert, whose units are stronger over plain terrain. His characterisation differs in the Western translations which have him as a relaxed, slang-speaking young man, whereas his Eastern translation depicts a more serious commander. He has a tag affinity with Rachel, Max and Jess.

Rachel: The diligent and high-spirited Rachel is Nell's younger sister, and the commander-in-chief of the Allied Nations' efforts in Omega Land. Her units recover more quickly on her properties, and her Super Power lets her drop three rockets on the enemy forces. She has a tag affinity with Jake and Nell.

Both of them are playable in the campaign mode from the start, and Max joins them early on. Sami becomes available to play in campaign mode later, but Andy, Nell and Hachi are not.

Role in Advance Wars[edit]

Orange Star is fending off an invasion launched by its neighbour to the east, Blue Moon. However, diplomatic relations between Green Earth and Yellow Comet fall apart as they claim to have been attacked. Severely outnumbered, a party of OS forces travel through Cosmo Land to explain that they are not responsible for the attacks. When the other nations realize that Black Hole is responsible for them, the four temporarily join forces to drive them out of Cosmo Land.