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Alliance of Nations

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Alliance of Nations
BW2 Alliance of Nations Flag.png

The Alliance of Nations is a military alliance of nations in the Battalion Wars series.

In Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

The Alliance is formed midway through the game. Kaiser Vlad, in order to conduct his search for the Staff of Qa-Len unhindered, lures the other nations of the world to war. He spreads lies about a Western Frontier "super-weapon", causing the neighboring Tundran Territories to attack the Frontier in a pre-emptive strike. Soon realizing the identity of the true threat, the two nations agreed to a ceasefire, and became the founding members of the Alliance of Nations to fight back against the Xylvanian forces.

The first objective for the newly-formed Alliance was the Dune Sea, a vast desert with large Nerocite reserves. Xylvania had laid claim to the region, using the mineral to power their war vehicles. After the Alliance managed to destroy the Extraction Towers, Kaiser Vlad invaded the southern island chain to distract the Frontier-Tundran forces.

The next stop was the Coral Atolls island chain to the south, which belonged to the Solar Empire. The islands had been quickly overrun by the Xylvanian forces, forcing Empress Lei-Qo to ask the Alliance for help. After defeating legions of Xylvanian troops, the Alliance was able to expel them from the Imperial islands, forcing them back into their homeland's borders. The Solar Empire then became the first new member to join the Alliance.

The Allied nations then pushed their way into the Xylvanian heartland. In a desperate move by Countess Ingrid, the ancient forces of the Iron Legion were awakened, and began to attack any nearby forces, regardless of nationality. The Allied ground forces fought their way to the Crater of the Sun, while Imperial Fighters patrolled the skies. Reaching the crater, the Allies were able to destroy the Cenotaph, putting an end to the Legion forces. Moving on, the Allies assaulted the Vladstag, the Xylvanian capital, and were soon able to seize the city, ending the war.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit | edit source]

In the second game, Kaiser Vlad is again searching for the Staff of Qa-Len, the ancient Imperial super-weapon. As he had previously, the Kaiser spread false rumors about the Solar Empire, which caught the interest of Anglo intelligence. Acting on this faulty intel, the Anglo forces launched a pre-emptive strike against the Solar Empire. As the Imperial forces muster a counterattack, there is no indication that they even possess a weapon of this magnitude - this causes Anglo Commander Pierce to question the validity of the war, and the Anglo forces leave for their homeland.

Solar Admiral A-Qira leads the "war of retribution" against the Anglo kingdom, but Empress Lei-Qo warns him that there is more to the conflict than meets the eye. As A-Qira invades the Anglo Isles, the monarchy's forces fight back, and the Imperial forces are soon at a disadvantage. Disgusted, the admiral takes a drink from his canteen, when Kaiser Vlad appears behind him. A-Qira collapses from the poison, and Vlad radios to check up on his forces that are secretly invading the Tundran Territories.

The Alliance appears the most in Campaign 3, when Tundran forces encounter Xylvanian POW camps with Frontier and Imperial prisoners. The Tundran forces soon fight their way to Kaiser Vlad's Mining Spider in the North Tundra wastes. Liberating captured Frontier Heavy Tanks and Imperial Anti-Air Vehicles, the Tundran forces merge with them to form the Alliance of Nations once more. After a long march, the Allies reach the Spider and, with Anglo Fighters providing air support, are soon able to destroy it.

The Alliance makes its latest appearance in Tundra's Capital City after the war. The remaining Allied commanders are watching their troops march in the victory parade.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Alliance of Nations is the Battalion Wars version of Allied Nations.
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