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Solar Empire

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Solar Empire
BW2 SE Sat Map.png
Solar Empire's borders, as of Battalion Wars 2
Color Gold, silver

The Solar Empire is an island nation in the Battalion Wars series. Each nation in the series corresponds to a real-life country; in this case, Japan.

History[edit | edit source]

200 years ago, when the Iron Legion losted its reign of terror and conquest on the world, the Solar Empire was the last nation standing against the Iron Lord's onslaught. In the final days of the Lightning Wars, it was clear that there was no way to end the fighting by conventional means. Instead, Empress Qa-Len had no choice but to resort to using the Solar "super-weapon". A tiny Solar strike force made its way to the Iron Tower, Lord Ferrok's personal stronghold. The Staff Bearer and the other foot soldiers scaled the tower, and activated the Staff of Qa-Len. This staff sent a signal to an orbiting Solar satellite, which expanded its solar panels, absorbed the sun's energy, and focused the massive beam directly down onto the Iron Tower. The resulting shock wave completely disintegrated the Iron Lord's tower, digging out an enormous crater in the process. Many Legion forces were obliterated, and those not destroyed were frozen in stone. This crater would become known as the Crater of the Sun, and would be the resting place of the Legion forces for the next two centuries. Qa-Len, not wanting the staff to fall into the wrong hands, traveled to a glacier in the North Tundra wastes, and disposed of it in a large fissure.

In Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

Despite the tensions between the Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories, the Solar Empire continued its policy of isolationism. Even when the two nations are unexpectedly attacked by Xylvania, the Empire refrains from getting involved. It is not until the Xylvanian forces invade the Solar islands that Empress Lei-Qo finally mobilizes her forces. After expelling the Xylvanians from the Solar-held Coral Atolls, the Empire is the third country to join the Alliance of Nations.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit | edit source]

The Solar Empire first appears in Campaign 1. At the beginning of the game, the Empire goes about its business as usual, until an unexpected attack from an Anglo Bomber wing. Based on faulty intel, the Anglo commanders believed that the Solar Empire was in possession of a "super-weapon", and launched their pre-emptive strike in hopes of destroying this rumored weapon. When the Empire did not activate it, the Anglo forces withdrew from the islands.

The Empire's next appears in Campaign 2, where Solar Admiral A-Qira launches his war of retribution against the Anglo invaders. The player takes control of the Anglo forces as Colonel Windsor and Commander Pierce fight to push A-Qira's troops (and Tundran reinforcements) out of the Isles.

In Campaign 3, the player commands the Tundran forces on their way to destroy Kaiser Vlad's Mining Spider. Liberated Solar Anti-Air Vehicle POWs join with former Frontier POWs to re-form the Alliance of Nations. Frontier and Solar forces distract the Xylvanians while the player sends the Tundran Battlestation to destroy the Spider.

Unit roster[edit | edit source]

Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

Infantry Vehicles Aircraft

Battalion Wars 2[edit | edit source]

Infantry Vehicles Aircraft Ships

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The symbol of the Solar Empire seems to be a representation of the sun, as well as a stylized yin-yang symbol.
  • In the first game, Solar armor was gold-colored. In the second game, it was changed to silver-colored.
  • Centuries ago, the Staff Bearer and his battalion sacrificed their lives in order to destroy the Iron Legion. This could be considered an allusion to Japanese kamikazes.
  • Despite the fact that the Solar Empire and Xylvania are bitter enemies, Japan and Germany, who these nations are modeled after, were allies during World War II.
  • Japan is typically considered a high-tech country. Based on Japan, the Solar Empire employs various high-tech weapons; foot soldiers armed with plasma rifles, tanks outfitted with on-board computers, and even hovercraft technology.
  • The Solar Empire is the most advanced nation in the Battalion Wars world. Its polar opposite is the Iron Legion, the most primitive.
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