Battalion Wars 2

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Battalion Wars 2
BWii NACover.jpg
The game's North American boxart
Basic info
Developer: Kuju Entertainment
Publisher: Nintendo
System: Nintendo Wii
North America: "T" for Teen
Europe: 12+
Australia: M
Japan: N/A
Release Dates
North America: October 29, 2007
Europe: February 15, 2008
Australia: March 20, 2008
Japan: May 15, 2008

Battalion Wars 2 is the second installment of the Battalion Wars series.


The nations of the world are at peace until the Commanding Officers of the Anglo Isles, acting on faulty intelligence, launch a surprise invasion of the Solar Empire. The Anglo officers, Colonel Windsor and Commander Pierce, believed that the Solars were in possession of an ancient super-weapon. While Empress Lei-Qo and Admiral A-Qira scramble to mount a defence, General Herman takes note of certain parallels between the Anglo invasion of the Solar Empire, and the Tundran invasion of the Western Frontier thirty years ago. Meanwhile, Marshal Nova is haunted by the spirit of his father, Tsar Gorgi, who tries to persuade him against his "idle talk of peace".


The game features similar gameplay to its predecessor, utilizing a combination of third-person-shooter and real-time battle tactics. Players take control of a single unit at a time, with the option to switch command to any other unit at their disposal. Like the prequel, a significant amount of strategy is usually required during each mission. Assigning individual units to engage different targets leads to a more efficient military.

Naval units, absent from the first game, now make their premiere. The Battleship is utilized for long-range attacks, the Submarine can dive down to attack enemy naval vessels, and the Frigate is an effective deterrent when battling both Submarines and air units. Although restricted to the seas, the Battleship's wide range can prove critical in providing support to ground forces. The Dreadnought, the naval equivalent of the Battlestation and Strato Destroyer, is also a force to be reckoned with. Also absent from the first game are enemy-held facilities that can be recaptured, which then continuously produce certain units whenever a similar unit is defeated in combat. A Barracks will provide infantry, a Factory will produce vehicles, Airbases supply Gunships and planes, and Docks will produce naval units. There are also capture points located near a Helipad which, when captured, will allow the Commanding Officer to send in reinforcements for the current mission.

Despite the fact that the game lacks a multi-player function on a local scope, it does feature a Wi-Fi mode. In this mode, players can fight in either Co-Op, Assault, or Skirmish modes. Like the storyline campaigns, some of these missions are story-driven. A few of the missions are also part of the single-player campaign, and explain the whereabouts of Colonel Austin and Major Nelly, who are never seen during the campaign events.

In relation to Advance Wars[edit]

Considering the game's origin with Famicon Wars, there are still many similarities with the handheld games.

  • The game features Commanding Officers similar to the Advance Wars. However, these COs only provide mission intel and story-related cutscenes. They do not provide any special powers to the units under their command.
  • With the inclusion of naval units, the full range of the military (land, sea, sky) is finally available.
  • The nations of the Battalion Wars world can be considered the console game counterparts of the Advance Wars nations. The Western Frontier resembles Orange Star, the Tundran Territories are similar to Blue Moon, and the Solar Empire can be considered a parallel of Yellow Comet. Based on historic Germany, Xylvania is the closest counterpart to Green Earth. The Iron Legion, while not a nation itself, could be seen as a parallel to Black Hole.


The first game in the series was released in 2005 for the Nintendo GameCube.

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