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Xylvania's borders (including the Dune Sea), as of Battalion Wars 2
Color Blue

Xylvania is a nation from the Battalion Wars series. Each nation in the series corresponds to a real-life country; in this case, World War I-era Germany.

History[edit | edit source]

200 years ago, Lord Ferrok commanded the Iron Legion of Old Xylvania in an attempt to conquer the entire world. The Legion would soon prove a mightier force than all other nations, except the Solar Empire. In the final days of the Lightning Wars, Solar Empress Qa-Len marched her weary forces across the border into Old Xylvania. The Solar forces soon reached the Iron Tower, Lord Ferrok's base of operations, and Qa-Len ordered a tiny strike battalion of survivors to climb the tower. Once the staff bearer reached the top, the Solar Empire's doomsday weapon was activated. An orbiting Solar satellite deployed its solar panels to absorb the sun's energy, and redirected it directly onto the Iron Tower. The pure solar energy left a massive crater, the Crater of the Sun, where the Legion would remain motionless for ages...

During the ensuing centuries, Xylvania lost much of its influence, defeated and forgotten alongside the powers of the mighty Western Frontier and the Tundran Territories. The country would continue down its path of insignificance until the present-day, when Kaiser Vlad, descendant of the Iron Lord, set his plans into motion...

Kaiser Vlad wanted to see Xylvania burst back onto the global stage. To accomplish this, he ordered his countrymen to build the strongest military that they could muster. The industrialization required to reach this goal turned the Xylvanian countryside into a withered, toxic wasteland. The Kaiser would twice attempt to lead Xylvania to global conquest, believing that it was Xylvania's destiny.

In Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

The Xylvanian forces are not seen until the Western Frontier military is nearing the end of their campaign in the Tundran Territories. As the Frontier is launching its assault on Tundra's final stronghold, an Xylvanian Bomber squadron under the command of Countess Ingrid surprises both warring armies with a blitzkrieg bombing run. The surviving Frontier and Tundran forces, weakened after the Xylvanian attack, call a new truce to form the Alliance of Nations in a bid to put an end to the Xylvanian threat.

The first objective of the newly-formed alliance was to weaken the Xylvanian presence in the Dune Sea. Nerocite, the essential mineral needed to power the Xylvanian war machine, was only available in this blistering desert. Cutting the Xylvanian forces off from the Nerocite facilities would grind their offensive to a halt.

After securing the Dune Sea, the Alliance of Nations traveled south to the Coral Atolls island chain to aid the Solar Empire against the Xylvanian invasion force. Once the Xylvanians are forced to retreat from the islands, the Solar Empire becomes the third country to join the Alliance of Nations against the fleeing Xylvanians.

Though the war was drawing to an end, Xylvania was far from defeated. In her desperation, Countess Ingrid steals the Sword of Honor from Kaiser Vlad, and travels to the Crater of the Sun to awaken the Iron Legion.

The Frontier forces fight their way to the Crater of the Sun, cutting a swathe through both Xylvanian and Legion forces. Liberated Solar Fighters target the Legion's Gunships, eliminating airborne threats to the Frontier troops. The Allies soon find reach the Cenotaph, the source of the Legion's supernatural strength and regenerative powers, and destroy it. Solar Empress Lei-Qo travels to the Cenotaph's ruins to put an end to the possessed Countess Ingrid.

In the final battle of the war, the Frontier-Tundran alliance arrives at the Vladstag to lay siege to Kaiser Vlad's ancestral homeland. After fighting through three layers of defences and destroying two of Vlad's Battlestations, the Alliance of Nations is finally able to capture the massive building. Marshal Nova takes Kommandant Ubel into custody, and imprisons him in a Tundran gulag; however, Kaiser Vlad escapes by helicopter.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit | edit source]

The Combat Zeppelin

Xylvania tries to avoid drawing unwanted attention in the earliest days of the war, instead spreading rumors and misinformation to the other nations. In doing so, Kaiser Vlad is able to bait the other nations into a meaningless war while he and his Xylvanian troops search feverishly for the Staff of Qa-Len, which activated the Solar satellite and destroyed the Iron Legion centuries ago.

In the first campaign, the Anglo Isles launch an attack against the Solar Empire based on faulty intelligence stating that the Empire had some sort of superweapon. However, since Empress Qa-Len disposed of the staff after the Lightning Wars, the Solar Empire no longer had control of the ancient weapon. Believing that if the Empire had a superweapon, then they could not activate it, the Anglo Isles strike force retreated. Solar Admiral A-Qira counterattacks, soon invading the Anglo Isles in a war of retribution. The Solar admiral also sends word to Marshal Nova of the Tundran Territories, calling for an alliance against the Anglos. Admiral A-Qira eventually realizes that the Anglos were given false intel, but Kaiser Vlad appears on A-Qira's Battleship, and fatally poisons the admiral with a drink.

The Xylvanian forces are not seen again until the fifth campaign, when the Tundran Territories fight to drive the Xylvanians out of the Tundran homeland. Kaiser Vlad has been searching for the Staff of Qa-Len with a massive seismic detection platform in Tundra's northern wastes, and it seems that Vlad has discovered its location, in a chasm in Tundra's far north. Kaiser Vlad and Kommandant Ubel retreat to the Mining Spider, a hideous machine that has been drilling down to reach the ancient Solar staff below. The Tundran forces fight on, destroying two Xylvanian Battlestations before liberating Frontier and Solar POWs, uniting the Alliance of Nations once again. As the Allied Nations approach the Mining Spider, Commander Pierce and his wing of Anglo Fighters provide defence from the Xylvanian Bombers and Gunships. Tundra's Battlestation eventually destroys the Spider, but rather than face justice, Kaiser Vlad and Kommandant Ubel are forced to descend into the chasm below, blocked by fallen boulders and debris. The Kaiser lights a match, declaring that "the torch of destiny still burns brightly for Xylvania". As he orders Ubel to dig through the rubble, the flame goes out.

Unit roster[edit | edit source]

The Xylvania features an almost complete unit roster in Battalion Wars 2, missing only the Naval Transport.

Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

Infantry Vehicles Aircraft

Battalion Wars 2[edit | edit source]

Infantry Vehicles Aircraft Ships

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Sword of the Kaiser, the symbol of Xylvania, is parallel to Germany's Iron Cross (a military decoration originally from the Kingdom of Prussia).
  • The main colour scheme of the Xylvanian military is dark blue, which may be a reference to Prussian military traditions.
  • Kommandant Ubel was originally called Kommandant Übel ("übel" is German for "filthy"), but the umlaut was dropped for the sake of simplicity.
  • The Zeppelin was originally meant to be an integral part of the Xylvanian air force, as further evidence of the country's German basis.
  • Like the Western Frontier, Xylvania was supposed to have an APC unit, as well. This idea was later dropped.
  • Xylvanian infantry have unique names, such as the Ack-Ack, the Rocket Trooper, and the Acid Gas Trooper. These are counterparts to the traditional Anti-Air Vets, Bazooka Vets, and Flame Vets, respectively.
    • The Ack-Ack and Rocket Troopers were renamed to be the same as those in the other nations in Battalion Wars 2. Acid Gas Veterans remained as Acid Gas Veterans, however.
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