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12th Battalion

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12th Battalion
Color Red

The 12th Battalion, the 12th Laurentian Independent Legion in PAL versions, commonly known as Brenner's Wolves, is a Rubinelle military unit, led by Captain Brenner and later by Will in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

History[edit | edit source]

After the meteors struck, Brenner's Wolves went out to find survivors and help them from Bandits such as The Beast. Among these survivors were Will and Isabella. After defeating The Beast and helping the survivors find a food source, 12th Battalion joined the New Rubinelle Army in the war against the Lazurians. After defeating General Forsythe, Greyfield executes Forsythe, which causes the 12th Battalion to split from the New Rubinelle Army and fight against them, with the help of the remaining Lazurian Army. After Brenner dies, Will takes over as leader. Caulder then makes his children use the Great Owl, a giant bomber, to destroy 12th Battalion, but they manage to escape. He then reveals Isabella is one of his clone children, turning public opinion against her, causing her to defect to his side. After Penny is defeated, he orders her to kill herself and everyone on the Great Owl, but Isabella convinces her not to and Penny joins forces with Brenner's Wolves. Cyrus also helps 12th Battalion by telling them where to get the antidote to the disease, but dies shortly afterwards.

Members[edit | edit source]

European names are donated in brackets.

Name Status
Captain Brenner (O'Brian) Former leader, deceased
Lieutenant Lin Second-in-command
Will (Ed) Leader
Isabella (Catleia) Defected briefly but came back
Davis Separated prior to Days of Ruin, defected, presumed deceased
Gage (Trak) When 12th Battalion and Lazurian Army integrates
Tasha (Zadia) When 12th Battalion and Lazurian Army integrates
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