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リン Lin

Lin as she appears in Days of Ruin
Faction 12th Battalion Rubinelle
Specialty Intelligence gathering
CO Zone Ground-Force Boost
CO Power Scout, Night Vision

Lin is a Commanding Officer in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin from Rubinelle, and a member of Brenner's Wolves. She holds the rank of Lieutenant.

Notably, she has the same name in the American release (Advance Wars: Days of Ruin) and Japanese release (Famicom Wars DS: Ushinawareta Hikari). In the latter, her name is リン (Rin; Lin). She is the only character in Days of Ruin to have the same name in every release, although Max, Hachi, Rachel, and Sasha also use the same names in each language release.

Role[edit | edit source]

Lin is the second-in-command of Brenner's Wolves, below Brenner and later Will. She acts as the battalion's main tactician and usually offers Will and the player tactical advice. She is specialized in scout tactics and is the CO used in almost every Fog of War level in the campaign, the lone exception being Hope Rising. Perhaps her most important act is murdering Admiral Greyfield late in the campaign.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lin is a distant and calculating character, who likes an occasional joke at the expense of others. She does have a softer side, and occasionally shares fashion and beauty tips with Isabella.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Lin has great respect for Brenner, although she often argues with his views, favoring a logical viewpoint against his moral views.

Her relationship with Will is similar, but due to his lower rank and age she occasionally makes jokes at his expense. Her jokes are not cruel and are usually just playful teasing.

She also bonds with Tasha due to their mutual hatred of Admiral Greyfield.

Skills[edit | edit source]

CO Zone[edit | edit source]

All ground units in the CO Zone receive a 20% attack and defence boost. Radius: 1.

CO Power[edit | edit source]

The vision of all ground units increases by 2, and they can also see into hiding places without moving directly past them.

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