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Rubinelle (Laurentia in the European release) is one of the two countries that was at war with Lazuria before the meteor struck in Days of Ruin. While the Lazurian Army stayed together mostly, the Rubinelle army split up but was unified by Admiral Greyfield, who then formed the New Rubinelle Army and defeated the Lazurian Army. However, one of itss battalions, the 12th Battalion, fought back against the New Rubinelle Army with help from the remnants of the Lazurian Army, and was ultimately defeated. Rubinelle is also one of Caulders main customers, the other being Lazuria.

Citizens[edit | edit source]

  • Mayor
  • Numerous Refugees
  • Dr. Morris
  • All members of the New Rubinelle Army
  • All members of the 12th Battalion

Military[edit | edit source]

Members of Original Rubinelle Army[edit | edit source]

12th Battalion[edit | edit source]

New Rubinelle Army[edit | edit source]