Yellow Comet

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Yellow Comet
Yellow Comet logo.png
Yellow Comet emblem
Commanding Officers: Kanbei, Sonja, Sensei, Grimm
Appears in: Advance Wars,
AW2: Black Hole Rising,
AW: Dual Strike

Yellow Comet is a fictional army present in Super Famicom Wars, and the first three games in the Advance Wars series; Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Yellow Comet is usually the third stage of the campaign in these games, after Blue Moon and preceding Green Earth. It is traditionally associated with the fourth player in multiplayer maps.

Its real world parallel is considered to be Japan, due to the architecture of the HQ and cities, as well as the appearance of most of the units. The country greatly resembles Japan in the first Advance Wars.


In Advance Wars, the Commanding Officers are comprised of Kanbei, the Emperor of Yellow Comet who pays more for better units. He is accompanied by his daughter Sonja, an intelligent Fog of War expert.

Kanbei's former teacher Sensei comes out of retirement in Advance Wars 2. He is specialist with soldiers and helicopters.

Another one of Sensei's former pupils, Grimm, joins in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Grimm's units have high firepower but poor defensive abilities.

Role in Advance Wars[edit]