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Fog of War

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This article is about the phenomenon Fog of War. For the Field Training mission, see Fog of War (Mission).

The Fog of War in real-life military engagements is the lack of knowledge of enemy information, such as positions and numbers. In the Wars series, this is represented by only letting the player see the squares their units can see. The range of vision units have in the Fog of War is determined by their Vision attribute; the number indicates how far a unit can see. If a unit runs into a previously unseen enemy in the fog, its turn will immediately end without action, similarly to encountering a previously unknown submerged submarine.

Terrain Effects[edit | edit source]

Some terrains will make any units on it invisible unless a unit moves directly next to that space.

Mountains will add 3 to the vision stat of an infantry or mech unit that climbs them. Also, properties that are not owned by the player or an ally will hide both their allegiance and any units on it. The player will also be unable to know of any captures being made by an opposing army.