Blue Moon

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Blue Moon
Blue Moon logo.png
Blue Moon emblem
Commanding Officers: Olaf, Grit, Colin, Sasha
Appears in: Advance Wars,
AW2: Black Hole Rising,
AW: Dual Strike
The borders of Blue Moon as seen in Cosmo Land, in Advance Wars

Blue Moon is a fictional army present in Famicom Wars, Super Famicom Wars, and the first three games in the Advance Wars series; Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Blue Moon is usually the second stage of the campaign in these games, after Orange Star, and preceding Yellow Comet. It is traditionally associated with the second player in Multiplayer maps.

Its real world parallel is considered to be the former USSR (particularly in Famicom Wars) or Russia, due to its antagonism against the American-parallel Orange Star, the likeness of the units and HQ, with the moon of Blue Moon passing a fleeting similarity to the sickle in the flag of the old Soviet Union.


In Advance Wars, the Commanding Officers are comprised of Olaf, the figurehead CO of the country, who operates best during snowy conditions, and Grit, presumably a defector from Orange Star, who is very experienced at using indirect units.

Moving onto Advance Wars 2, the two Advance Wars 1 CO's are joined by Colin, a master in financial affairs, despite being a small boy.

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the Blue Moon CO roster accompanies Colin's sister, Sasha, also an expert with all things concerning cash.

Role in Advance Wars[edit]