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Western Frontier

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Western Frontier
BW2 WF Sat Map.png
Western Frontier's borders, as of Battalion Wars 2
Color Green

The Western Frontier is a nation in the Battalion Wars series. Each nation in the series corresponds to a real-life country; in this case, the United States of America.

History[edit | edit source]

Thirty years before the events of the first Battalion Wars game, Tsar Gorgi, leader of the Frontier's neighboring country, the Tundran Territories, was fooled into believing that the Frontier had secretly developed a super-weapon. Armed with this faulty intel, Gorgi launched a pre-emptive strike against the nation. The Frontier's General Herman was able to thwart the invasion, and drove Gorgi's forces back into Tundran lands. The two nations have remained suspicious of each other to the present day.

In Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

From that point on, the Demilitarized Zone on the Frontier-Tundran border had been the site of an uneasy truce between the two nations. Both countries had stationed their armies along the zone, ready to retaliate in the event of another pre-emptive attack.

However, General Herman has been growing anxious lately, unsatisfied with the lack of combat that has left the Frontier troops out of shape. During a routine combat exercise, the Frontier forces stumble across a unit of Tundra's armored division under Tsar Gorgi's command. After 30 years of peace, the two nations were at war again!

After the Frontier forces captured Tundra's Castle Potempkin and destroyed the Iron Eight, Tundra's elite tank division, they began an assault on the final Tundran stronghold. However, as the battle was raging, an Xylvanian Bomber squadron under the command of Countess Ingrid began to bomb both warring armies. Weakened after the Xylvanian attack, the Frontier and Tundran forces called a new truce, forming the Alliance of Nations in a bid to put an end to the Xylvanian threat.

The first objective of the newly-formed alliance was to weaken the Xylvanian forces in the Dune Sea. Nerocite, the essential mineral needed to power the Xylvanian war machine, was only available in this blistering desert. Cutting the Xylvanian forces off from the Nerocite facilities would force their offensive to grind to a halt.

After securing the Dune Sea, the Alliance of Nations traveled south to the Coral Atolls island chain to aid the Solar Empire against the Xylvanian invasion force. Once the Xylvanians are forced to retreat from the islands, the Solar Empire becomes the third country to join the Alliance of Nations.

Though the war was drawing to an end, Xylvania was far from defeated. However, in her desperation, Countess Ingrid steals the Sword of Honor from Kaiser Vlad, and travels to the Crater of the Sun to awaken the Iron Legion.

The Frontier forces make their way to the Crater of the Sun, cutting a swathe through both Xylvanian and Legion forces. Liberated Solar Fighters target the Legion's Gunships, eliminating airborne threats to the Frontier forces. The Allies soon reach the Cenotaph, the source of the Legion's strength and regenerative powers, and destroy it. Solar Empress Lei-Qo travels to the Cenotaph's ruins to put an end to the possessed Countess Ingrid.

In the final battle of the war, the Frontier and Tundran alliance arrives at the Vladstag to lay siege to Kaiser Vlad's ancestral homeland. After fighting through three layers of defences and destroying two of Vlad's Battlestations, the Alliance of Nations is finally able to capture the massive building. Marshal Nova takes Kommandant Ubel into custody, and imprisons him in a Tundran gulag; however, Kaiser Vlad escapes by helicopter.

In Battalion Wars 2[edit | edit source]

In the second Battalion Wars game, the Western Frontier takes more of a support role, appearing as Allied reinforcements during the Solar Empire and Tundran Territories campaigns. However, the Frontier is playable as a main army in its flashback campaign set 30 years ago, against the Tundran Territories.

Unit roster[edit | edit source]

Being the protagonist and mascot faction of the Battalion Wars series, the Western Frontier's roster includes all in-game unit types.

Battalion Wars[edit | edit source]

Infantry Vehicles Aircraft

Battalion Wars 2[edit | edit source]

Infantry Vehicles Aircraft Ships

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Like Xylvania, the Western Frontier was originally intended to have an APC unit, as well. This idea was later dropped.

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