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Bomber (Battalion Wars)

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Western FrontierTundran TerritoriesAnglo IslesXylvaniaIron Legion
Valentine B-58 "Vandal"Western Frontier in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Too-22 Maxim GorgiTundran Territories in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
MerseychesterAnglo Isles in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
GolgothaXylvania in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
FeratuIron Legion in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Basic info
Deployed by
Role Anti-Ground
Primary weapon
Name Fuel-Air Bombs
Target Infantry, Vehicles, Ships, Subs
Secondary weapon
Name Heavy Machine Gun
Target Planes, Copters

The Bomber is the second-strongest air-to-ground offense, behind only the Strato Destroyer in terms of power. It can attack with large clusters of powerful Fuel-Air Bombs, but like other aircraft, is vulnerable to attack from Anti-Air Veterans, Anti-Air Vehicles, and Fighters. Like Gunships and Strato Destroyers, the plane is capable of attacking an enemy Battlestation with little fear of a counter-attack, except from enemy anti-air support.

Dossier Intel[edit | edit source]

Western Frontier[edit | edit source]

"The Valentine B-58 has a payload of fuel-air bombs that can pulverize ground targets. However, without Fighter escort, the B-58's two HMG blisters offer only light defensive capability against enemy air attack."

Tundran Territories[edit | edit source]

"When first brought into service, the Too-22 Maxim Gorgi strategic bomber was the largest offensive air vehicle in the world. Long since superseded by Strato Destroyers, it still serves as an iconic symbol of Tundran air might."

Solar Empire[edit | edit source]

The Solar Empire has not developed this unit.

Anglo Isles[edit | edit source]

"The maximum payload of the Merseychester Bomber is limited by its large single-wheel undercarriage. Discussion of the origin of this rather impractical feature is considered bad taste in Anglo Air Force circles."

Xylvania[edit | edit source]

"The mainstay of the Xylvanian strategic Bomber program, the Golgotha has a distinctive engine noise that troops call the "Hun Hum"."

Iron Legion[edit | edit source]

"Hundreds of cities were leveled beneath the wings of the Feratu heavy Bomber. It was the Feratu which formed the vanguard of the Legion's first assault on the world, the skies of the Coral Atolls turned black by ten thousand Bombers approaching across the ocean."

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