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Fighter (Battalion Wars)

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Western FrontierTundran TerritoriesSolar EmpireAnglo IslesXylvaniaIron Legion
F-19 PoltergeistWestern Frontier in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
MIDGE-21Tundran Territories in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Type-1 Ton-BeeSolar Empire in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
SputterFlareAnglo Isles in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Vokker Vr. 1Xylvania in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Vokker prototypeIron Legion in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Basic info
Deployed by
Role Anti-Air
Primary weapon
Name Missiles
Target Planes, Copters
Secondary weapon
Name back mounted MG turret
Target Infantry, recon, plane, copter

A staple of every nation's air force, Fighters patrol the skies against any hostile air units. The Fighter holds a clear advantage against all air units except other Fighters, while its high speed allows it to escape most land-based attacks. The plane can even stand its ground against a Strato Destroyer, the bulkiest and most adaptive of the air units.

Dossier Intel[edit | edit source]

Western Frontier[edit | edit source]

"The F-19 Poltergeist is the most advanced jet fighter the Frontier has developed yet. It has twin air-to-air Silverfish missile pods which, while perfect for taking down enemy aircraft, are limited in usefulness in an air-to-ground role."

Tundran Territories[edit | edit source]

"A byproduct of intercontinental-range weapons development, the MIDGE-21 started life as a ballistic missile. Only in the late stages of development was the addition of wings considered — much to the delight of the test pilots."

Solar Empire[edit | edit source]

"The Type-1 Ton-Bee air superiority fighter is capable of hypersonic flight and is the fastest jet aircraft in the world. Its maneuverability is severely limited at maximum speed however, forcing pilots to use only standard engines when in combat situations."

Anglo Isles[edit | edit source]

"Adored by seasoned pilots the world over, the "SputterFlare" fighter is the most iconic aircraft in the world. Indeed, the Clapstead Chronicle features a weekly column by Commander Pierce dedicated exclusively to the aircraft."

Xylvania[edit | edit source]

"Built in the Vortigern factory, the Vokker Vr. 1 is powered by twin V-10 engines. Its batwing configuration denies opponents the "slipstream" dogfighting technique."

Iron Legion[edit | edit source]

"Pioneering Legion fighter ace "The Violet Baron" helped to develop the original Vokker prototype, the name passed on to its Xylvanian contemporary. Silence is the first warning of their approach as their huge engine intake sucks the air from a grunt's ears."

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