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Flame Veteran

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Flame Veteran
Western FrontierTundran TerritoriesSolar EmpireAnglo IslesXylvaniaIron Legion
H2-2 ThermidorWestern Frontier in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
TOZT-23 DefrosterTundran Territories in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
"Vengeful Wing"Solar Empire in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
T-22 "Puff Dragon"Anglo Isles in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Ghosgene gasXylvania in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Razenkriege DivisionIron Legion in-game model (Battalion Wars 2)
Basic info
Deployed by
Role Anti-Personnel
Primary weapon
Name Flamethrower
Target Infantry
Secondary weapon
Name None
Target N/A

The Flame Veteran is the anti-infantry specialist for short-range combat. Though their flamethrowers can cut through massed enemy infantry with little resistance and even punch through sandbags in Battalion Wars 2, they are all but defenseless against enemy vehicles or aircraft. When facing large numbers of enemy infantry, this makes it all the more necessary to keep anti-armor and anti-air units nearby.

Dossier Intel[edit | edit source]

Western Frontier[edit | edit source]

"Early iterations of the H2-2 Thermidor anti-personnel flamethrower were designed to run on tank gasoline. General Herman was so eager to deploy them in the field that whole armor battalions were often left stranded without fuel."

Tundran Territories[edit | edit source]

"Originally developed with no military application in mind, the TOZT-23 Defroster was designed to free naval vessels trapped by sheet ice. It is now used to lightly toast Xylvanian marauders."

Solar Empire[edit | edit source]

"The power coils of the "Vengeful Wing" plasma projector are forged over many years. Complex alloys are taken and meticulously worked under the light of the moon, the night air cooling the tempered metals treated to withstand the high-temperature plasma they must channel."

Anglo Isles[edit | edit source]

"These infantrymen form the vanguard of an Anglo advance, striking fear into the heart of the enemy with the distinctive noise produced by their weapon's bag-and-pipe propellant system. The T-22 "Puff Dragon" flamethrower they carry can also brown a teacake in seconds."

Xylvania[edit | edit source]

"Acid gas units are equipped with a backpack of pressurized Ghosgene gas. The vile substance has phosphor-like properties and can trigger incandescent self-combustion when used against personnel."

Iron Legion[edit | edit source]

"Razenkriege Division anti-infantry shock troopers were a devastating front-line deployment. All that stood in their way was incinerated. The pressurized Nerocite reaction, which fueled the weapon's furnace, generated an ear-piercing scream that often drove its user insane."

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